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Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance: New PVP System & Rogue

Get the full scoop on the new PVP system, as well as a new character and alternate costume!

"Marvel: Avengers Alliance" today launched one of its biggest updates yet, revamping its Player vs. Player system to give fans a whole new experience!

Rogue from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
Included in the PVP update are rolling ladders, in which leaderboards are broken into seasons at the beginning of which each player starts at the same level; practice matches in which players can test out new strike teams without affecting their ranking; daily bonus XP which awards players a large bonus to the XP received up to five times a day; and more!

Plus, "Avengers Alliance" also launched Rogue as the newest playable character, as well as an alternate costume for Mr. Fantastic decked out in his FF suit from writer Jonathan Hickman's run on the series!

Head over to "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" on Facebook now to try out the new PVP system for yourself, plus get a look at Mr. Fantastic in his FF costume just below!

Alternate FF costume for Mr. Fantastic from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
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I am so loving this game, knock it out of the ball park here Marvel thanks for the fun times with this game. I would like to see some new costumes for Spidey, like the iron suit would be cool but thanks for the fun times with this game.