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Avengers Alliance

Gambit Joins Avengers Alliance

The Ragin' Cajun debuts in the game while Invisible Woman gets her FF suit as an alternate costume!

Gambit in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
Now you can add one more X-Man to your squad in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" as Gambit joins the game!

Gambit comes with a host of new abilities, including Bo Roulette, Ace of Spades (in which he throws his signature charged cards), Ragin' Cajun, and the powerful Royal Flush, which not only deals damage to your enemies but removes all their buffs as well!

Invisible Woman (Future Foundation costume) in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
The X-Man isn't the only addition to the game this week, however, as the Invisible Woman now sports her Future Foundation duds in a new alternate costume! In her new uniform, Sue can create Reactive Shields when attacked, protect her teammates with Reactive Shields using the Share the Future ability, and, if you have two Future Foundation members on your team, you can use the Future Countdown feature to permanently increase Attack and Accuracy by 35% on round four.

The regular Invisible Woman character also features new abilities, with Invisibility feature now a passive part of her character giving a permanent 25% chance to evade single-target attacks.

Head over to "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" on Facebook now to check out all of the Invisible Woman's new features, her new costume, and Gambit, and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more on the game as it pops up!

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