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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins: War Machine & Rogue

We continue profiling the players of 'Marvel vs. Capcom Origins' with War Machine and Rogue!

In the lead up to “Marvel vs. Capcom Origins,” coming September 25 to PlayStation Network and September 26 to Xbox Live Arcade, Marvel.com (along with our pals at Capcom Unity) thought it'd be fun to run through the roster and highlight each of the characters from both” Marvel Super Heroes” and the original “Marvel vs. Capcom,” meaning we've got a lot of ground to cover.

We’ll give you their full stats along with where they were during the time they appeared in “Marvel Super Heroes” (1995) and “Marvel vs. Capcom” (1999). You can catch new profiles on the Marvel characters right here every Tuesday and Friday, and Capcom  has its own write up right here.

By Ben Chabala

War Machine


First Appearance: IRON MAN #282

Playable Character In: Marvel vs. Capcom

Bio: Before James Rhodes donned the grayscale War Machine armor, he piloted helicopters during the Vietnam War. He actually met Tony Stark in the deep jungle after being shot down behind enemy lines and what began as a partnership for survival became a friendship stronger than steel.  Rhodey even took over as Iron Man for a time. But while facing a cadre of villains who shrugged off the standard Stark repulsor blasts, he stepped into the all-new heavy arms War Machine battle suit and never looked back. A patriot and a hero, Rhodes has sacrificed both life and limb for his country and its people.

In 1999: With Rhodey retired from high-flying armored exploits, who could possibly be piloting the War Machine armor? Someone’s gunning for Tony Stark and they’re using the gray battle suit to do it. Sunset Bain, one of Tony’s old flames and business rivals, and Parnell Jacobs, who fought alongside Rhodey in the military, have teamed up to take down ol’ shell head. Will Rhodes come out of retirement long enough to help Tony out and teach his old war buddy a lesson?



First Appearance: AVENGERS ANNUAL #10

Assist Character In: Marvel vs. Capcom

Brief Bio: Rogue began her career on the wrong side of the tracks as a member of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, usually hanging on the sidelines waiting to absorb some poor fool’s powers. But after stealing Ms. Marvel’s incredible abilities the Southern Belle went insane and looked to her enemies, the X-Men, to help fix her shattered mind. Among the mutant heroes she abandoned her evil ways, found love in the arms of Gambit, the Ragin’ Cajun, and eventually learned to control her gifts. The girl from Mississippi’s been to the stars and back, breached the barriers between worlds, and even saved the world once or twice. Now she leads her own team of X-Men, an excellent example of a second chance done right.

In 1999: During the Contest of Champions the Earth’s most powerful protectors find themselves transported to an arena deep within the bowels of an Acanti, a megalithic space-faring whale. But nothing is as it seems, with the Badoon and the Brood working together to finish off the heroes behind the scenes. Rogue remains the elusive last piece of their poisonous puzzle, and she won’t like what her alien enemies have planned.

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