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Big Time Buzz: Avengers Initiative

Read reviews from the first installment of Marvel's newest iOS game, 'Avengers Initiative'!

Marvel's newest touchscreen mobile game, "Avengers Initiative," hit the iOS app store last week, and it gained some Hulk-sized buzz across the internet! Now you can read what critics have to say about the first installment of the game, featuring everyone's favorite Jade Giant!

Take on the Abomination in "Avengers Initiative"

For more information, read all about "Avengers Initiative" right here on Marvel.com and watch the trailer now! Better yet, buy the game now for only $6.99 in the iTunes store! And remember to keep your eyes peeled to Marvel.com for the latest news and updates on all things games!

“Its emphasis on counter attacks, combos and finishing moves adds some much needed complexity into the formula…I give Wideload credit for continuing to evolve the growing genre.” -- IGN

“’Avengers Initiative’ is a good-looking title with tons of spoken dialogue.” -- Kotaku

“Marvel did an outstanding job capturing the feel of the universe, with voice actors that channel each character’s intensity, dramatic music and some of the coolest visuals we’ve seen in an iOS title.” -- Modojo

“Marvel’s game stands on its own due to the brilliant graphics, fun storyline, and dozens of extra features and Easter eggs for comic fans. ‘Avengers Initiatve’ is a clear Must Have…” -- Slide To Play

"...reducing the combat to melee strikes gives the game a far more unpredictable feel to its combat, somthing veterans of the genre should enjoy as counter-blows and dodging becomes second-nature and feels all-too-easy at times." -- App Spy

Now, just because we love it so much, check out the "Avengers Initiative" trailer one more time and head over to the iTunes store to buy the game now!



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Please make an android version available soon.