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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins: Doctor Doom, Juggernaut & Iceman

We continue profiling the characters of 'Marvel vs. Capcom Origins' with Doctor Doom, Juggernaut and Iceman!

"Marvel vs. Capcom Origins" now available on PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Arcade

With the release of “Marvel vs. Capcom Origins” on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Marvel.com (along with our pals at Capcom Unity) thought it'd be fun to run through the roster and highlight each of the characters from both” Marvel Super Heroes” and the original “Marvel vs. Capcom,” meaning we've got a lot of ground to cover.

We’ll give you their full stats along with where they were during the time they appeared in “Marvel Super Heroes” (1995) and “Marvel vs. Capcom” (1999). You can catch new profiles on the Marvel characters right here every Tuesday and Friday, and Capcom has its own write up right here.

By Ben Chabala

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #5

"MvC Origins" Appearances: Playable character in “Marvel Super Heroes”

Bio: Born Victor Von Doom, this would be world-conqueror stands as one of the most devious villains in the Marvel Universe. With a childhood fraught with love and loss, the brilliant Victor moved to America and attended Empire University with Reed Richards. Incredibly arrogant, Doom didn’t accept help from any of his classmates, feeling they were beneath him. Then one of Doom’s experiments exploded, scarring his face, and led to his eventual expulsion. Now he rules the nation of Latveria with an iron fist, plotting and planning the destruction of all those that oppose his will.

Where He Was in 1995: In DOOM 2099 the dictator of Latveria set out to overthrow the United States of the future and bring the country under his unyielding heel. Against all odds he actually managed to subject the most powerful nation in the world to his rule, appointed his Black Cabinet, and became the most powerful man in the U.S.A.



First Appearance: X-MEN (1963) #12

“MvC Origins” Appearances: Playable character in “Marvel Super Heroes,” assist character in “Marvel vs. Capcom”

Bio: Cain Marko, the crimson-clad Juggernaut, has always been a brute. During his childhood he bullied his younger stepbrother, Charles Xavier, mercilessly. The two served the United States Army in Korea, where Marko discovered a temple dedicated to a deity known as Cyttorak. He found a ruby within the confines of the cave and absorbed the power of the eldritch entity, becoming an unstoppable force of nature. Cain Marko became the Juggernaut and fought Xavier’s X-Men on a whole host of occasions, his only weakness a proclivity for psychic attacks. Beyond that, nothing can stop the Juggernaut!

Where He Was in 1995: In ALL-NEW EXILES Juggernaut teamed up with Marvel’s Reaper and Sienna Blaze and Malibu’s Hellblade, Shuriken, and Strike to create an unlikely gang of do-gooders out to save the world from evil.

Where He Was in 1999: In the Eighth Day crossover Cyttorak and his ilk, ancient beings of nigh-infinite power, made a wager. They would imbue mortals with a fraction of their power, and these avatars would battle until only one survived, thus proving who amongst the deities was strongest. The avatars were chosen, and with their incredible power they attempted to take over the world. Luckily Juggy decided to team-up with the good guys and squelch his fellow avatars' evil machinations, proving that maybe he isn’t such a bad guy after all.



First Appearances: X-MEN (1963) #1

“MvC Origins” Appearances: Assist character in “Marvel vs. Capcom”

Bio: Bobby Drake wasn’t always such a cool guy, but when his mutant powers manifested he became as frigid as Frosty and twice as funny. A member of Charles Xavier’s original X-Men, Iceman was the crew’s jokester, throwing out quips as often as he did icicles. As he gained more experience in the field he learned to better control his incredible abilities, and now, even if somehow someone completely destroys his ice form, he can pull himself back together. Bobby’s been on a ton of different teams, fought for mutant rights and for the fate of mankind, and despite all the fire and flames, he still manages to stay ice cold.

Where He Was in 1999: In the MUTANT X dimension Robert, never Bobby, fights with the Six, a mutant team led by the original Marvel Universe's Havok. In that reality Thor never saved Iceman from Loki’s machinations, thus the snow cold super hero never gained any semblance of control over his sorcery-boosted abilities. He's stuck permanently in his ice form and avoids all human contact, lest a simple handshake become frostbite...or worse.

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