The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

Channel Your Inner Spider-Man With New Games

Continue the adventure of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' with fun new games!



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You know how awesome "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie is after seeing it in theaters, but did you know that you can keep the fun Spidey experience alive with some super cool games?

With Strike Racer, you are the Amazing Spider-Man, speeding through the streets of New York in your Spider Battle Strike Racer. Villains have nowhere to run as you clean up the mean streets in your blazing fast Racer!

You can also test your superhero skills with Blast. In this intense game, spider-bots are invading the city, and it’s up to you to stop them with your web blasters.

Finally, prove that you can be just as fast as Spidey while scaling skyscrapers in Speed Climb. Make sure to jump perilous ledges and use your web blasters to destroy falling objects.

What are you waiting for? Head over to to play these exciting games now!

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