Avengers Alliance

Annihilus Human Torch Joins Avengers Alliance

Flamehead gets a new alternate costume straight from the Negative Zone!



Annihilus Human Torch from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
The Human Torch has taken a trip to the Negative Zone in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" with his new alternate costume!

Now available in the game is Annihilus Human Torch, inspired by Flamehead's look from his return in Jonathan Hickman's epic Fantastic Four saga!

Available in both Bruiser and Blaster class, Torch's Annihilus costume you get the Cosmic Control Rod, a passive action which gives you the chance to call warriors from the Annihilation Wave when allies attack or are attacked, and Future Countdown, which works with two members of the Future Foundation present to give you a 35% increase in attack and accuracy on round four.

Plus, Torch's Rekindle move has been replaced by Ring of Fire, which gives enemies a total damage of 312-376 and takes fire damage when attacking with Melee attacks!

Add Annihilus Human Torch to your personal squad now in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"!
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