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Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth

Avengers: Battle for Earth Now Available

Ubisoft's 'Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth' available now on Kinect for Xbox 360 at retailers across North America!

"Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth" Xbox 360 Box Art

"Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth" is now available to purchase at retailers in North America.

"Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth" is the ultimate super hero brawler set in authentic comic book-style art environments and based on the iconic Secret Invasion storyline. Players will travel back in time to the iconic tropical prehistoric preserve, the Savage Land, or hop on board the signature ship of the fictional intelligence/defense agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to save the Marvel Universe from the Skrull Invasion.

"Battle For Earth" provides endless amounts of fun and entertainment for the family through a variety of gameplay modes such as campaign, arcade, challenges, versus and tournament. Whether young or old, fans will enjoy embodying their favorite character in the popular co-op mode and go online to battle their friends.

Players can choose from 20 of their favorite classic Marvel super heroes or villains within the game, including all of the Avengers, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Using Kinect and motion-gaming, players will use their full body to act out powerful attacks, such as throwing arrows like Hawkeye, striking a debilitating bite as Black Widow or hurling gigantic concrete rocks as the Hulk.

Developed by Ubisoft Quebec, "Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth" is available now in North America on Kinect for Xbox 360, and will be available on Nintendo’s Wii U system in December.

For more information on "Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth," please visit AvengersBattleForEarth.com.

In the meantime, learn more about "Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth" in the two videos below, the first featuring Stan Lee! Also, check out the screenshot gallery under the videos!

"Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth" Key Art by Stefano Caselli

Screenshot of Storm and Spider-Man from "Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth"

Screenshot of Loki and Hulk from "Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth"

Screenshot of Dr. Doom and Captain America from "Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth"

Screenshot of Queen Veranke and Thor from "Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth"

Screenshot of a Skrull and Iceman from "Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth"

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I got it for XBOX 360 ... great playablity... leaves me PANTING, GASPING FOR AIR !!!


i want so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


looks awesome!!!