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Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance Wins X-Play's Social Game of the Year and Unleashes Tigra

The award-winning social game introduces its latest hero!

Tigra character model from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"
After winning Best Social Game for the Year on G4's "X-Play," "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" celebrates with a new trailer and unleashes Tigra as the latest hero in the game!

Tigra is an Infiltrator class hero whose moves inflict bleeding and can stagger your opponents. She even has a quick action offensive attack that grants an immediate free turn after using!

Join the millions of social gamers and Marvel fans who have already joined S.H.I.E.L.D. by playing "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" at http://www.Facebook.com/AvengersAlliance, where the game is one of the most highly rate in Facebook's App Center, or at http://www.Playdom.com.

Now watch the latest trailer that celebrates the award-winning social game, right here on Marvel.com!

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