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Wield Thor's hammer in "Marvel KAPOW!"

Smith & Tinker, the Seattle-based mobile game company, and Marvel Entertainment have released "Marvel KAPOW!," a casual action-game now available worldwide on the Apple App Store. Built specifically for touch-based mobile devices, the game puts the power of Marvel’s greatest super heroes at your fingertips.

Players can slash with Wolverine's claws, rebound blasts with Captain America's mighty shield, capture with Spider-Man's web and smite with Thor's hammer as they vanquish an onslaught of cyber-bots based on Marvel's greatest super villains. "Marvel KAPOW!" features 23 classic play levels, three boss levels, arcade mode, Game Center leader-board integration, plus continuous support and free content updates including the release of new hero powers and villain bots later this year.

"Marvel is thrilled to work with Smith & Tinker to offer this casual mobile game that includes some of our most beloved super heroes and villains," said TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games Production, Marvel Entertainment. exclusive Wolverine character art from "Marvel KAPOW!"

"Our new release features all of the game play one would expect from any Marvel title and we look forward to allowing fans of all ages the chance to take on new and exciting adventures with 'Marvel KAPOW!'"

"With the explosive growth of touch-based smart devices now being adopted by men, women and even trickling down to kids, we're presented with an unprecedented opportunity to bring our games to a very wide audience on a mobile platform," said Joe Lawandus, CEO of Smith & Tinker. "S&T is setting out to not only capitalize on this trend, but to build upon it by leveraging powerful brands like Marvel."

"Marvel KAPOW!" is available in free, SD and HD versions. For more information, visit the Apple App Store or

And for an even better look at the game, check out our full gallery of screenshots and EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes art from the game below!

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