Marvel Heroes MMO

NYCC 2012: New Marvel Heroes MMO Trailer

Watch the newest trailer & find out three of the newest playable character reveals!



Straight from New York Comiic Con 2012, we've got the latest "Marvel Heroes" trailer for you right here on along with word that Luke Cage, Jean Grey and Nova will all be playable characters in the upcoming MMO!

You can catch the full trailer below, and scroll down to see the character models for the three newly-revealed characters! As always, keep your eyes on for the latest on "Marvel Heroes," now in Closed Beta, and visit the game's official site or follow them on Twitter @MMMSociety for even more!

Jean Grey character model from "Marvel Heroes"
Nova character model from "Marvel Heroes"
Luke Cage character model from "Marvel Heroes"
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As cool as this looked, I would like to see a game (MMORPG) that lets you create your own hero or villan set in the Marvel know, like that *other* comic company did on the consoles and THAT is what I am sure all of us are asking for..


By the fact that you can play as actual marvel characters and that it is an MMO, there must be a lot of characters. I would be so happy if toxin was in the game, but I doubt he will be.


I played the NYCC demo. The game is pretty cool. Hopefully more fan favorites are added in. Squirrel Girl being in it is cool.