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Avengers Alliance

Captain Britain Arrives in Avengers Alliance

Recruit the Lion of Avalon for your team today on the hit Facebook game!

Captain Britain character model from "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

The British are coming to “Marvel: Avenger’s Alliance”! Captain Britain has arrived from across the pond to fight for Queen, country, and, most importantly, you!

Endowed with extraordinary powers by Merlyn, Captain Britain is a mighty hero unlike any other! Level up the British hero to unlock the full range of this Bruiser-class hero's unique abilities!

Millions of players have joined S.H.I.E.L.D to fight along side the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes. Are you up to the task? Play “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” on Facebook, or try it out on Playdom.com to begin battling the forces of evil today!

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