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Captain America card art from "Marvel War of Heroes"

Captain America faces off against his most bitter rival, the Red Skull, in an all-new raid event going on now in "Marvel War of Heroes"!

Red Skull is after a massive IS0-8 cache and only Cap stands in his way. The Sentinel of Liberty will face off against feared foes Baron Zemo, Taskmaster and the Grim Reaper, and needs all War of Hero Agents to assist him as he battles HYDRA on their Terror Carrier and fends off savage HYDRA brutes! Join the raid event now with "Marvel War of Heroes" and rally your team and turn the odds in Cap’s favor!

"Marvel War of Heroes" is available for FREE on iOS and Android devices! All the action of the Marvel Universe is yours to command in the palm of your hand. Download it now for iOS and Android at

The HYDRA Terror Carrier from "Marvel War of Heroes"
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