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Avengers Alliance

Win Fantomex in Avengers Alliance PvP

The X-Force veteran makes his debut! Plus, Nightcrawler gets a new costume & more!

A look at this season's top PVP prize Fantomex in "Marvel: Avenger's Alliance"

As the seasons begin to change from winter to spring, "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" ushers in a new PvP tournament! And you know what that means...a new reward character in Fantomex, plus new threads for Nightcrawler and updates for a host of other heroes!

First up, a brand new season of PvP has kicked off in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"! Take a break from beating down on Ultron and Kang in the current Spec Op mission to face off against your fellow players for the chance to win the uncanny Fantomex!

Nightcrawler's new "Swashbuckler" outfit in "Marvel: Avenger's Alliance"

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler's received some bamf-tastic updates as well as an awesome new "Swashbuckler" alternate costume! Check out the blue elf's new look right here, and recruit him to your team today!

But hey, "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" doesn’t want any team to go without an upgrade. To help enhance your lineup, a whole slew of characters are getting updates, including Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Wasp, Tigra, Captain Britain, the members of the Future Foundation and more! Take these heroes for a test flight to see just what new abilities they hold!

S.H.I.E.L.D. has the heroes, now it needs you to lead them. Captain your own squad and join millions of players to take on the evil forces of the Marvel Universe today in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" on playdom.com or Facebook!

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