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Avengers Alliance

April Fools: Galactus Arrives in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Stomp villains and fellow players alike by recruiting the Devourer of Worlds, plus 9 new weapons!

Galactus in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

Today, news of galactic proportions has slipped through the cracks of the "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" team and made it onto Marvel.com! Check out this exclusive look at these never before seen, soon to debut updates!

The skies blacken as the universe lets out a collective gasp at the coming of our first new playable character for the day. Hold on to your purple helmets True Believers, because Galactus has arrived! Recruit the largest character ever offered to bestow heraldry to your team, devour planets, and much more! With power levels that are off the scale, Galactus will fit on any team--though not most screens--perfectly!

Galactus brings one of his most infamous heralds with him as well, a new powerhouse in the cosmic universe that even Madam Web didn’t see coming: Aunt May! The Golden Oldie herself soars into "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" with the great Power Cosmic and the responsibility to find a tasty morsel for the Devourer of Worlds! With the ability to randomly use any power, Aunt May is the merciless warrior your team has been waiting for. And for even more info on both Galactus and Aunt May, scroll down to get the full stats!

Aunt May, Herald of Galactus character model in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

But what's that? You want more? Well now every day becomes a chance to wield Marvel Universe history, with the Daily Reward loot table refitted with the most epic swag ever! Prepare for power that would make the Beyonder shake with these specs for the new items below.

Forbush Man’s Helmet
-Not usable in combat
-Grants Mindless passive: Immune to psychic attacks
-Grants Dumb Luck passive:  Increases the proc rate for your team when it's controlled by the A.I.

Satan Claw
-Single-target Slashing Electric Melee
-Grants +100% to all stats
-100% Stun chance
-Paragon Exploiter
-Exploits Opportunity
-Causes baldness and thick accent

-AOE Lightning attack
-Attacking grants Might of Mjolnir to the agent, increasing the damage of any attack by 67%
-Attacking grants Strengthened to the party
-Equipping grants the agent "Power of Thor"
-Attacks on the first round of combat do +300% damage

9 new items in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

Serpent Crown
-AOE attack
-Preemptively attacks before every attack
-Mentally dominates a foe adding that character to your roster permanently
-Negates all damage and heals after every attack
-Expelled from S.H.I.E.L.D.
-The agent is considered a villain

Cosmic Cube
-Reality Bending
-Chance to permanently swap characters when used
-Chance to defeat all enemies
-Chance to explode removing one character permanently from your roster

Infinity Gauntlet
-Time Gem: Speeds up combat and annoying status animations
-Space Gem: You can play this IN SPACE!
-Soul Gem: Playing M:AA makes you a better person
-Reality Gem: You get a awesome leather trench coat just like your agent
-Power Gem: The power to shut down your opponent's PC (If used in PVE, servers go down)
-Mind Gem: You win any argument on the forums

Hulk’s Ripped Up Pants
-+1 ATK
-+1 DEF
-Pants Bonus
-Unpleasant Odor
-Enemies are unlikely to attack you

Captain America’s Shield
-America Can Never be Caught Off-Guard
-You cannot be cornered or off-balance
-America Never Forgets
-Counter all enemy attacks until that enemy is defeated
-America Never Sleeps
-You protect against stealthy and catastrophic attacks
-America is Friends with Everyone
-Allies attack after another ally attacks and when another ally is attacked

Ultimate Nullifier
-Ban a player of your choice from PVP forever
-50% chance to ban yourself as well
-1% chance to ban everyone


New Character: Galactus

Class: Omniclass
-Performs follow-up attacks against Infiltrators
-Performs counter-attacks against Tacticians
-Receives an extra turn after attacking Blasters
-Guaranteed chance to crit and ignore defense of Bruisers
-Becomes Enraged when attacking or attacked by Scrappers

Passive: Ignore
-Galactus will ignore all enemies unless provoked

Attack 1: Global Devastation
-All Units
-Prevents most healing and revive effects
-Ignore Defense
-Brutal Strike
-Cannot be prevented by revive effects
-Draining attack
-Consumes all of Galactus's Stamina
-Power Cosmic
-Does not affect Galactus or any Heralds

Attack 2: Devour Planet:
-All Units
-Power Cosmic
-Does not affect Galactus or any Heralds
-Causes Power Drain
-Reduces all Stamina to 0
-Gain Restore Power
-Refills Galactus to full Stamina
-Gain Well Fed

Attack 3: Bestow Heraldry
-Single ally
-2 round cooldown
-Grants Herald of Galactus
-Increases all stats
-Guaranteed follow-up attack after Galactus or any Herald attacks
-Grants random other powers
-Super Heroic
-Attacks that would reduce health to 0 reduce health to 1% instead
-100% chance for a follow up Area attack, "Beams of Pure Energy", after any action

Attack 4: Deus Ex
-Quick Action
-(No cooldown)
-Grants a random power to Galactus


New Character Aunt May, the Golden Oldie

Class: Generalist

Passive: Herald of Galactus - The Power Cosmic grants the wielder the following:
-Increases all stats
-Guaranteed follow-up attack after Galactus or any Herald attacks
-Grants random other powers
-Super Heroic
-Attacks that would reduce health to 0 reduce health to 1% instead
-100% chance for a follow up Area attack, "Beams of Pure Energy", after any action

Attack 1: Beams of Pure Energy (Area - Energy Attack)
-A fitting staple for a Herald of Galactus
-Ignores Defense
-Deadly Crits

Attack 2: Detect 'Celestial Noms' (Self buff)
-Golden Oldie marks the closest 'celestial nom' (Usually Earth) to be devoured by Galactus. (3 Rounds)
-When 'Celestial Nom' expires, Galactus Arrives. Enemies currently near or on the targeted 'celestial nom', when it is devoured, is defeated.

Attack 3: Protective Mother Figure (3 Rounds)
-Protects allies from single-target, area attacks and forum trolls
-Counters attacks with "Beams of Pure Energy"

Attack 4: Dinner is Served (Cooldown 1 Turn)
-After cooking a delicious dinner, all allies gain 100% health and 100% stamina
-All allies gain Well Fed.


The fate of Earth, and countless other worlds, is now in the palm of your hand! Join S.H.I.E.L.D on Facebook or Playdom.com to command the most powerful characters and items ever to impact the Marvel Universe right now in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"!

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