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Marvel Heroes MMO

The Chronicles of Doom Unfold in Marvel Heroes

UPDATED with the final episode! Catch the animated prelude to the 'Marvel Heroes' MMO, launching June 4!

UPDATED 6/3 with the fourth and final part of the "Chronicles of Doom"! Watch it now, and scroll down to see the first three parts as "Marvel Heroes" prepares to launch tomorrow, June 4!

ORIGINAL STORY: The "Marvel Heroes" MMO launches in just a few days on Tuesday, June 4, but the story's already begun in the first three parts of the animated prelude to the game, written by Brian Michael Bendis!

Doctor Doom searches for the object that will give him absolute power over the Marvel Universe, and encounters the Fantastic Four, dread Dormammu and Iron Man along his way!

What could give Doom the power he wants, and what will he do with it once it's his? Follow the story below, and join "Marvel Heroes" this Tuesday!

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