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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics

Play Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics Now on Facebook

Invite your friends and join in on the new 3D tactical combat game!

Marvel announced today the first new game in the "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" gaming series, the squad-based RPG that has nearly 70 million agents fighting for the fate of Earth. In "Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics," a new tactical combat game for Facebook, players will strategically position a team of Marvel heroes within 3D environments to defeat villains in this continuation of the Avengers Alliance story.

"Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics" allows player to take on the role of a S.H.I.E.L.D. commander that has to recruit a team of super heroes and defend the Earth. Heroes are drafted from a roster of more than 20 characters that includes Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Special characters, like Loki and Taskmaster, become playable as the game’s story unfolds. The game will follow the "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" model, with frequent story and character expansions. Players will also manage the improvements of their heroes, choosing and upgrading their powers as they advance throughout the game.

      "Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics" follows the Avengers as they work to protect Earth against threats from other dimensions.  S.H.I.E.L.D. has sent a strike force to the Savage Land after detecting an enormous energy anomaly. This routine containment mission reveals a shocking source: The imminent collision of uncountable parallel dimensions. Now, super heroes from each dimension turn on each other, desperate for survival.

      "Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics" allows players to:

      -Recruit and train over 20 Marvel heroes and villains at launch

      -Engage in action packed tactical combat within 3D environments

      -Compete against other players in strategic multiplayer battles

      -Build and upgrade the HQ for new weapons, heroes and resources

      -Deploy super hero teams to defend S.H.I.E.L.D. bases and collect critical resources

      "Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics" is now available for action at https://www.facebook.com/MarvelTactics

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      And today, Aug22, the game is announced to be shut down in 2 months.  


      love the game so far and i only noticed 1 problem that should be fixed it seems you cant use the same iso twice i put two +4% health on she hulk and it only has one active when i go into battle the reason i know this is because i did the math please fix this and keep up the good work i know greatness takes time 


      It's been 3 months since launch. I started off with high hopes.

      I went in to play. I got to the tutorial.

      Game froze.

      All I get now is a black screen with the word Working on it.

      It's been that way for 3 months.

      I send tickets in daily, which just get closed by Playdom.

      Marvel.. you own this Playdom Company.

      Disney... you own Marvel....

      Who is in charge?

      Who is responsible?

      You can't call Playdom to speak with someone for help.

      There is no support Manager to escalate issues to.

      There is no one seemingly in charge of support.

      Someone needs to speak up and voice their opinion and be heard.

      Find boards. Find Magazines.

      Anyone.. Speak up if you have issues with Playdom... Maybe someone will finally listen.

      Be loud. Be heard. Be Active.

      I am tired of PD getting away with treating its customers like crap.


      I (and many others) STILL can not get this game to load. Have followed all instructions from fellow Users, but still have not heard 1 word from the developers, programmers, testers or any Official sources. 


      Hard to believe that this thing made it out of beta test in its current state.  It's a testament to Disney Interactive's money-grubbing ways that they just couldn't wait to unleash this thing on the Marvel-starved public.  You can knock enemies out of the legal playing area and then have to refresh your browser because the enemy has no way to take its turn.  You can "win" character skills that you either have already earned, or paid in-game resource to obtain.  

      There is no way to sell off any excess skill--it just sits taking up space in your inventory.  You are told every time you train a hero up a level that you should be sure to level up not only their offensive, but also their guard and passive abilities--and yet no guard nor passive ability upgrade gives you ANY indication of how you've improved your hero's lot in life.

      There are undocumented error codes you can encounter in the system's "PvP" which force a browser refresh and cost you whatever energy you spent to make the attack.  The list of things I've discovered and reported to those guys in the past three days obviously puts whoever they paid to test the thing to shame.

      The appeal of the delightful graphics almost makes up for all the flaws in the game's current state, and nobody who was willing to put up with all the stupidity and bad programming in Marvel: Avengers Alliance is going to be disappointed by this.


      The game is a blast.  This is what I've been waiting for.  As soon as it comes to iPad I will gladly jump in. 


      Well my ancillary time will be well spent now.  Iron Man, Panther and Captain Marvel so far.  LOVE IT!!!

      ablackraptor member

      It has potential, and feels like a mix between both Avengers Alliance and Heroes. My only critique is the limited character count; hope they include some of the lesser used characters who appeared in the other FB game, preferably without charging so much for some of them; I'd love a game where I can play Mockingbird and not have to grind like hell or fork over money to get her in-game.


      I have been playing this game for a while already and let me tell ya, is is another cash grab game but that was to be expected. Yet the combat is a whole lot more fun with the 3-D landscape and characters but getting shield points to upgrade facilities and heroes is a real pain, I have slowed down on playing this game until getting the shield points system is updated.

      sjeslis plus member

      Played opening tutorial, very cool! Does have all the typical FB Games' $$ "weight" with it I'd guess.