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Avengers Alliance

Go Inside Avengers Alliance: PvP Season 16

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Producer Justin Woods shares the details on bringing in Drax and more!

A new season of PvP has kicked on in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance," bringing with it tantalizing prizes including Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy as a new playable character plus an upgraded Infiltrator suit and more.

Avengers Alliance Producer Justin Woods talked to us about why Drax makes a great addition plus other behind the scenes details.

Marvel.com: You guys have been rolling out the Guardians of the Galaxy characters and Drax is the latest with PvP Season 16. Drax is cool because he’s a character that’s really evolved, but I’m assuming we’re going to see the more modern Drax version?

Justin Woods: Yeah, he’s going to be more modern and probably what people are used to from the current run of Guardians comics.

Marvel.com: What kind of abilities does he bring to the table?

Justin Woods: When we looked at all the Guardians, we designed them all at the same time because we wanted to make sure they were all different and they all had their own flavor, rather than us designing them one at a time and falling into the trap of going, “Well, Groot already does something like that.” So in this case, we identified what was uniquely cool about each of their power sets.

      They’re all fighters, right? So how do you make all the fighters different from one another? Well, Gamora’s got a sword, Rocket’s got a lot of guns so he’ll be the gun guy, Star-Lord does a little bit of everything but he has the Element Gun, and Groot doesn’t have any weapons, he punches a lot and hits with his big tree mass; but Drax has knives. Knife combat is what we thought makes him uniquely interesting in terms of his move set. So his moves are very focused on his knife combat and that’s why we thought, immediately, of course he’s a scrapper! Scrapper is street combat and street level and he’s street level in space, if that makes sense. He would totally be a Hero for Hire if he wasn’t an intergalactic hero.

      Marvel.com: And then also available as always, you get a new armor, in this case an Infiltrator suit.

      Justin Woods: It’s the first of a new series; we do them in cycles of five, where we don’t do a [generalized] version, but we do all of the other five, what we call RPS [rock, paper, scissors] classes.

      Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play PvP Season 16 today!



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      some like to argue this is the only thing keeping the game alive, but to a smart person this is more of a paying game (ptw) 

      i'm glad marvel is doing more stories but pvp is the least of my concerns of this game since it is still horribly imbalanced and you have to stay up all night and play all day nonstop on the last day of the tournament just to be able to win anything since you can get your rank dropped by afk battles 

      on top of all this calling it pvp is the biggest joke since your not facing any live teams just A.I. teams of chosen heroes/villains 

      if and when they ever make this so people can enjoy it stress free then i might play it again but as for now i just support the normal part of the game (story mode chapters,spec ops) and yes i do spend money on just story mode because if i enjoy a product i like to support it.

      i really hope one day people will wise up and stop playing pvp until they truly fix it...it has been all most a year and all the stuff they said about fixing it has not even happened yet ! 

      yet each season of pvp at the end of the season i see noting but complaints about afk battles and people who are using 3rd party cheats to beat paying players.


      I agree with you 100%! I'm at level 300 and the only season I've ever won was the one with Angel in it.


      I assure you that my original message was much better written, with compelling arguments and even separate paragraphs for different topics. I'm just too sad to try to rewrite it.