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Avengers Alliance

Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Uncanny X-Force

Justin Woods talks about Deadpool, Psylocke and Wolverine getting new looks plus upgrades for Archangel and Fantomex!

With the classic team from Rick Remender’s seminal run on UNCANNY X-FORCE now all a part of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” it’s time for them to start dressing the part.

Available now through July 21, Deadpool, Psylocke and Wolverine have received special Uncanny X-Force alternate uniforms that unlock new abilities for them as group as well as Archangel and Fantomex who have gotten boosts to their existing abilities.

We spoke with the game’s Producer, Justin Woods, about what the X-Force uniforms have to offer and why this squad got the nod.

Marvel.com: So to summarize, what are you putting out there in “Avengers Alliance” this week, Justin?

Justin Woods: We are releasing an Uncanny X-Force costume for Deadpool, for Psylocke, and for Wolverine. And then at the same time we will be making some small updates and adjustments to the X-Force Archangel costume that’s already in the game, and the Fantomex costume that’s already in the game.

Marvel.com: What was the inspiration for doing this? Was there anything in particular that made now the time to roll out the full Uncanny X-Force line-up?

      Justin Woods: We just wanted to wait for a point in time where we had a lot of other mutant activity going on and now that the cat’s kind of out of the bag about what Spec Op 19 is about, we thought that it’d be kinda a cool time to launch these right before that.

      Marvel.com: Now touching first upon the upgrades to the existing costumes, Archangel and Fantomex, how much at length can you talk about what kind of upgrades they’re getting?

      Justin Woods: At the high level what we wanted to do is make it so that the X-Force team members interacted with one another. We have the Future Foundation costumes and they have these different bonuses that happen when you bring two different Future Foundation costume characters together. And that’s the same thing what the X-Force costumes do essentially is that every single one of [them] has a different bonus that it gives if you bring two different X-Force team members together. So you have Fantomex or Archangel or you mix and match any of the five and you’ll get that bonus from both of the two X-Force costume guys.

      Marvel.com: Beyond that, for the new costumes for Deadpool, Psylocke, and Wolverine, are those going offer any alternate classes, any different abilities that they didn’t already have on their normal costumes?

      Justin Woods: Yeah, they’ll all offer an alternate class. None of them have a change in abilities but they all offer an alternate class and usually we give every costume a brand new buff or passive ability of some sort so all of them will have some slightly different gameplay than the base costumes for each of those characters. Plus the added benefit of having a choice between two different classes.

          Marvel.com: Is this something you think you’re going to do more of in terms of the already existing teams that are in the game?

          Justin Woods: We do have plans for additional team buffs in the future.

          Marvel.com: What was your favorite part of UNCANNY X-FORCE, the Rick Remender run. What were the high points?

          Justin Woods: There’s two parts I really liked. The first one was the cringe-worthy part where Deadpool was feeding pieces of his skin to Angel; that was pretty disgusting. I think that Deadpool finds a way to say something funny about the most disgusting or horrible or most serious situations that are going on and I think that’s why a lot of people appreciate him. And then another part that I really liked was when they went into the Age of Apocalypse and there was that group that had the Ghost Rider Iron Man and Orange Hulk and all those guys. Those character designs were so neat.

          Marvel.com: Anything else you want to cover?

          Justin Woods: I know that some people have been curious as to why we didn’t give buffs to Spiral and other characters that have X-Force costumes or have been members of X-Force. It’s kinda the same reason as, well, so many characters have been X-Men before and so many characters have been Avengers before so we really wanted to focus on one unit, on one team, so we went for that first group of the Remender run. But that’s not to say that we won’t do other X-Force groups in the future.

              Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and get Uncanny X-Force uniforms now through July 21!



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              cool but HOW DO I GET WALLPAPERS ON THIS LAPTOP?!?!?


              @benjmorse that's very cool. I wanted to ask, can we please get hi-res images for the characters of the game? I'd like to make wallpapers of my own, thanks.


              Really should have added a healing buff for Deadpool's alt: "Promise me you'll keep eating..."


              woods get to work on deathlok and a playable greengoblin all ready :-p


              I really enjoy these uniforms!