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Play the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mobile Update

Offline Mode, Future Foundation Spidey and more come to the hit game!



"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Mobile Update now available
Suit up in style and battle Spider-Man’s toughest enemies from virtually anywhere!

A brand new update is available for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"! Continue your action-packed adventure with a new Spider-Man Suit, new features, and other gameplay improvements.

Offline Mode
Thanks to highly appreciated fan feedback, you can now play the game without an Internet connection! Fight crime, battle notorious villains, and save the city from where ever you choose to game. Please note that an Internet connection is required for Mysterio’s Arena, social gameplay, and purchasing content.

      Future Foundation Spider-Man
      Freshen up your superhero wardrobe with the Future Foundation Spider-Man suit! Alongside impressive attack, defense, and health stats, this stylish costume has a unique benefit! The suit’s cutting edge molecular duplicator provides a special bonus that applies when Spider-Man receives in-game rewards.

      Mysterio’s Arena
      Fighting just got a lot more fun! Improvements have been added to Mysterio’s Arena for a non-stop action experience. Face-off against endless waves of new enemy types, plus villains are now equipped with new boss skills! Test your abilities and climb the leaderboard to earn amazing rewards.

          The update is available now on iOS, and coming soon to Android and Windows Phone!




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