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San Diego Comic-Con 2014

SDCC 2014: Contest of Champions

Kabam's Cuz Parry and Marvel's Sam Humphries team on a new combat game for smartphones and tablets!

Ready for a totally new and incredibly awesome Marvel Games experience? Of course you are! That’s why Marvel and Kabam have teamed up to bring cosmic level combat and back alley brawls straight to your fingertips with “Contest of Champions”!

We caught up with Creative Director Cuz Parry and game writer Sam Humphries to get the info on this latest and greatest addition to the Marvel Gaming Universe.

Marvel Contest of Champions Trailer

Watch now!

Marvel.com: I guess the first question I have for everyone is—what is “Contest of Champions”?

Cuz Parry: The quick answer: Marvel “Contest of Champions” is a super fun fighting game Kabam’s Vancouver Studio is developing for smartphones and tablets that’s due out in the fall. I say “super fun” because that's what our playtesters and staff having been using to describe the game, and we're still pre-alpha. Obviously, we're pretty hyped about where things are heading!

Marvel.com: That sounds awesome. Who doesn’t want to duke it out with Marvel’s heaviest hitters? Is this going to be a one vs. one style game?

Cuz Parry: It’s a one vs. one, arcade-style fighting game with multiplayer as well as RPG [Role Playing Game] elements with a quest/story mode where you're pitted against a wide range of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us a little about the story mode you’re bringing to “Contest of Champions”?

Cuz Parry: We’re stoked on how things are developing as the story is in the capable hands of Marvel’s very own Sam Humphries. Sam has been working closely with the team and the leads at Marvel to craft his spin on a classic Marvel event.

      Sam Humphries: This isn’t just dialog layered over game play. This is an intricate story with big threats, heroic moments, and shocking revelations; it's right in the zone of classic Marvel storytelling. If you enjoy Marvel comics, film and TV, you’re gonna love the epic story of “Contest of Champions.” 

      Cuz Parry: Without going too much further into the story, I can say that one of the central figures from the original event will be a key player in our take on “Contest.” 

      Marvel.com: Marvel has thousands of amazing, incredible, and uncanny characters ready to throw down the gauntlet and prove once and for all who’s strongest. Have any fan favorites made the cut in “Contest of Champions”?

      Cuz Parry: We’re excited to have heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe. We’re talking Avengers, Thunderbolts, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of The Galaxy, the Brotherhood, X-Force just to name a few.

      Marvel: What can fans expect from the fighting system? How are players going to control combatants? What’s the combo system like?

          Cuz Parry: In terms of controls, we most definitely are designing this game specifically for the strengths of the touch device platforms. There won’t be any buttons or virtual joysticks.

          I know it sounds clichéd, but the controls really are intuitive and easy to pick up. There are a variety of basic attacks—light, medium, and heavy—and each hero has multiple signature special attacks that can be used for greater damage.

          There is a combo system that rewards players for mixing up their moves and performing well-timed blocks. The higher the combo, the faster your special attacks regenerate.

          I can’t go too much deeper into the specifics but rest assured our dev team is comprised of many avid fighting game experts that are dedicated to making a fun, accessible fighting game with a degree of depth to satisfy fans of the genre.

          Marvel: It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to. Any parting words for the fighting game fanatics out there?

          Cuz Parry: I just want to say what an honor and pleasure it is to be working on something coming from a universe as rich, deep, and fun as the Marvel one. The Marvel team has been awesome to work with. Their dedication to Marvel and “getting it right” has got us hyped to make something special. And, the whole dev team up in Kabam Vancouver truly believes we're working on something special. We just can't wait for the fall when we get to share the fun with everyone! Check out our Facebook page in the mean time to get sneak previews and more info.

              Can’t make it to the convention? Follow along with our live coverage at marvel.com/sdcc2014 plus keep up on our social channels for the latest news, exclusive videos, real-time announcements, image galleries, up to date schedules and more!


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              Yep.. And Windows phone??




              @epic_ninjedi Actually they are both completely different games. Both are fantastic games, but very different styles.


              Yet another lack-luster venture from mavel. Where are the console games the rpgs like X-Men Legends 1&2 and Ultimate Alli. 1&2(which are the four most highly replayed games under my roof by all ages); the fighters like Marvel Heros, X-Men Next Dimension, and MvsC?!? When are we going to get the get the fighter for XvsA (huge missed opportunity) or an Avengers rpg like X-Men Legends?!?

              Marvel continues to miss the boat on so many different levels and at first it was sad and disappointing but now its just expected par for the course. Smartphones and tablets, really? Every marvel release with the exception of the Puzzle Quest and Avengers Alliance (FaceBook(although I no longer play Avengers Alli.) has been a total waste.


              @tylontrix For those of us without the latest consoles, or willing to spend lots of money buying these premium games, having something to play on smartphones is brilliant. You should not be having a go at Marvel for catering to a different market. I'm the kind of player who likes to spend money on micro transactions only when I love a game and when I want to support the development of it. 


              Please make a 1v1 fighter for consoles. The tournament scene NEEDS Marvel. 

              rafi1125 member

              This looks way awesome. Marvel should totally do a 3ds version. 


              I hope this will be available in the windows store


              This is an absolute disgrace to what Marvel is to fighting games.  As a competitive fighting game player of 10 years, I can tell you that your largest audience of a marvel fighting game may seem like "Marvel" fans but it's not.  The fighting game genre is very niche.  Your biggest audience are the 1 million unique viewers that watched all of Evolution 2014.  This game will be super casual and marvel fans will play it for a month and forget about it.  While thousands still play a 15 year old marvel game.  Business side, sure... you will make plenty of money. 

              sigh... whatever. 

              No ones reading this. If anyone important is reading this... here is your money maker.   Free to play microtransaction marvel fighting game for a CONSOLE or PC.  Release a few characters, make alternate costumes that cost $, make the characters free to obtain with effort or purchased and release a character at least once a month. No worries on balancing because that will take care of itself. just worry about hot fixes.  It's right there... just do it. You own licensing to all your marvel characters. It's right there!!! Just make a moba business plan and keep it going for the next 20 years and build up a million concurrent watchers+ because this is marvel not dota.  

              or just keep watching dc own fighting game genre,comics(easily), Animated movies (especially).  

              hooray for mobile games that no one actually wants.

              Warner Bros/Netherealm made injustice.  If they kept it going they would still be making money. I know I and all tournament organizers continued to buy the dlc.

              Killer instinct is doing a free to play game for one console and is continuously scraping in the bank. (and compare the KI roster to that of marvel. 

              yay phone games. zzz


              It's sad to see marvel pulling their licenses from other gaming companies to make mobile games that are sub-par. (If that.) There has been decades of amazing marvel fighting games with capcom, and now they pull their property given some guys in suits what the quick buck by making games for phones? Do you even play fighting games? You can't play them on touch screens! Thanks for killing an amazing franchise to spit out things like this. Marvel, you're doing so much right but your games are awful now.


              I hope they hav the hole thunder bolts team including Elektra there r not enuff female marvel women in games espetialy her because i know she would hav beautifuly deadly moves!!!!!


              @lorenzo90 That would be nice but this is Marvel!?! The only comic franchise where the number of kick-ass female heroes out number and out shine the number of kick-ass male heroes both living and dead; yet the female go on poorly represented in other mass media outlets and venues such as movies and video games.