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Marvel Heroes Appear in Guinness' 2008 Gamer's Edition

Marvel arcade titles make it into Guinness' Record Books

Hey there video game fanatics, the 2008 Gamer's Edition of "Guinness World Records" hit earlier this month, and did you notice Marvel got a few shout-outs in its hallowed pages? Sure, "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" snagged the title of "First tag-team fighting game," but "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Age of Heroes" did it one better as the "First triple tag-team!" And with 50 playable characters in that thing, that makes quite a few combos to pick from. After checking out all the famous firsts and industry records, gander at all the highest scores to beat on your favorite Marvel arcade games, including the classic "Captain America & The Avengers" and "X-Men" games! Think you can do better? Then give it a shot, True Believer, and maybe you'll make it into next year's edition!

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