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Iron Man Video Game

Iron Man Video Game Q&A

Chatting with Iron Man Associate Producer Andy Alamano

By Frank DeAngelo IV

Game on, True Believers! After months of teaser images, screenshots and trailers for Sega's "Iron Man" video game, we're just days away from the launch of the game—and the movie! We had the pleasure of chattnig with Andy Alamano, Associate Producer on the "Iron Man" game, for a special Q&A to answer all your most burning questions. And this is but part one of the Q&A. After you read our half, head to the official "Iron Man" game site for the second part of the interview.

Marvel.com: How close does the video game fit in with the continuity of the movie?

Andy Alamano:
The beginning of the movie is the beginning of the game and the end of the movie is the end of the game, but everything that happens in between is where we got to create parts to our own story. By using material found within the comics, we were able to create our own side story that still ties in tightly with the events of the film.

Iron Man soars

Marvel.com: Many Marvel movie-based games also borrow elements from the comics. Will Iron Man and if so, how?

Andy Alamano:
In order to keep the action going throughout the course of the game, we were able to take both characters as well as locations and even some story elements from the Marvel comics run. We include quite a few villains from the Iron Man comics that will be exclusive to the game.

Marvel.com: Which villains will we see Iron Man tangling with in the game?

Andy Alamano:
Aside from those in the film, we were able to add some classics like Whiplash, Madame Masque, The Melter and Titanium Man.


Marvel.com: What kinds of levels and locations will you fight in? Which one do you think players are going to particularly impressed with?

Tundra time!

Andy Alamano: All of our game missions take place over many different and varied terrains. Iron Man goes into battlefields in frozen tundras, mountainous desert regions, cities, and a few more. Perhaps one of the most impressive is a flying Maggia Fortress mission which takes place entirely in the air. The entire mission is essentially a boss character that Iron Man flies in and out of.

Marvel.com: How much does the game environment affect the play experience, do levels require new tactics to complete objectives?

Andy Alamano:
Every battlefield environment features changing enemies and tactics. What works well for one mission might not work for another. With Iron Man's ability to equip different gear per mission, this is a great way to see how best to use the suit per objective.

Iron Man

returns fire

Marvel.com: Iron Man's known for his arsenal, which weapons will players have available to them while in control of Tony? Are they upgradeable, changeable, etc? Is there any sort of armor customization for the armor?

Andy Alamano:
Firstly, players will be able to control all the weapons seen in the film, but outside of the Repulsors and Unibeam, you'll be able to upgrade and change Iron Man's wrist weapons from rockets, to grenades and more. Also, we include Iron Man's defensive capabilities to include chaff, shields and even stealth tech.

Iron Man Mark I:

Classically cool

Marvel.com: Speaking of armor, will we see the distinct Mark 1, 2 and 3 variations? Any others?

Andy Alamano:
All three of the movie armors are in the game, no doubt but with a rich history of Tony Stark's suit changes we were able to add quite a few unlockable "bonus armors". Suits like the Silver Centurion armor, the "Ultimate" Iron Man armor and more.

Marvel.com: What kind of customization options exist for players? Can you play the game differently on another play session?

Andy Alamano:
As you progress through the game, the amount of objectives you complete per mission will garner you cash assets. These assets can not only allow you to upgrade the tech levels of the armor components but also allow you to but new types of shields, power sources, weapons, thrusters and more.

For the rest of the interview, head to The Official Iron Man Video Game Site now! And head to Sega.com for more awesome gaming goodness!

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See "Iron Man" now at a theater near you! Visit the official "Iron Man" movie site! Also, get INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 at comic retailers everywhere, Wed., May 7!


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