Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion

New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion Trailer and Screenshots!

Killer trailer and screenshots promise a fantastic new game from Activision



"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion" can't get here soon enough! With mind-blowing graphics, an action-packed storyline and the visionary "fusion" feature, this game promises satisfaction for True Believers far and wide. See the heart-stopping actiony goodness for yourself in the latest trailer and screenshots! Get ready to create some of the mightiest Marvel super hero teams you can imagine. Pair Captain America with the Hulk, Iron Man with Spider-Man or the Human Torch with Daredevil for devastating attacks! Best of all? The Fastball Special—just imagine the smash factor of the Hulk hurling Wolverine into your opponents! "FUSION" will be available next year for multiple consoles, including the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS. Until then, check out this new trailer and keep checking back here for more exciting news and updates!

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