Marvel Video Games Update December 2008



Spider-Man: Web of Shadows:

Swinging into Action, One Amazing Review at a Time!

After hitting the shelves on October 21st, 2008, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows made quite the impression with many top-tier outlets. Read on, and you will discover what all the fuss is about…

Entertainment Weekly:

"Easily the best Spider-Man videogame ever produced, Web of Shadows is thrilling exactly because it finally allows gamers to exult in the fullness of Spidey's superpowered Spideyness."

"It's a lot like its hero: packed with character, impressively capable, and never puts a foot wrong. What higher praise for a licensed game is there than that?"

"Web of Shadows is a fast-paced, soaring superhero adventure that delivers just about everything a Spider-Man game should."

CheatCodeCentral (

"The one thing that you have to take into account while playing this title is the natural progression of the franchise. Opening it up to more comic book-focused storylines, allowing players to decide the outcome in various interesting ways, increasing the combat to make it enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone, and, of course, giving fans the Black Suit to play around with all do this admirably."

"Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a great super hero game for the Xbox 360, and one of the best Spider-Man games to date. Players looking for a new game to quench their super hero fix will not be disappointed."

"Web of Shadows assembles a great cast of heroes and villains, combines them with a fantastic story, and integrates an intuitive and exciting control scheme and evolving combat system that easily makes this the best Spider-Man game ever made to date for any system."

The reviews don't lie. Make sure to check out Spider-Man: Web of Shadows!



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