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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Watch the Marvel Super Hero Squad Video Game Teaser Trailer

Watch the Wii teaser trailer and get the 411 right now for the game, slated for this fall

By Ben Chabala

The cutest characters in the Marvel Universe make their big leap to the Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and PS2 this fall. Choose from over 20 of your favorite Marvel heroes such as Captain America and Spider-Man and duke it out with your friends for good, for evil or just for fun! Team up heroes and villains to mix and match your squad for a truly epic Marvel experience.

Strategically utilize each hero's signature super powers to create your own unique combos and using the Wii remote insures you'll really feel like a part of the brawl. Blast, punch, and slash your way through the adventure mode with a friend or start a free-for-all bash for up to 4 players in battle mode. Beating up your buddies has never felt so good.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more screenshots, videos, info and updates in the coming months and be sure to check out "Marvel Super Hero Squad" when it releases this fall.

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I can not BELIEVE Marvel wasted the Infinity Gaunlet story on this idiotic game!! WHY?! An animated film would have been a heck of alot better! Marvel, I am disappointed.


I really want to see Venom in Superhero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet! Is he gonna be in the game? I hope!


You can tell it's on Wii cuz it's Gaa.


Its look funny, thats really what this game its about


It looks just like a kiddie version of Marvel Ultimate Allience with an added battle mode. But am I complaining? NO! I'm nearly 16 and I love Marvel Super Hero Squad!I'd like to see more characters in it than the ones in the Super Hero Squad strips on the website. I'd like to see characters like Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Deadpool, Venom, Doc Ock, and Gambit! That wiould be SWEET!!!