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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Play the Free Civil War Online Game

"Civil War Online" is up and running over at the "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" website!

For those of you itching to get in on the pro/anti-registration battle but just can't wait for the impending "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" release, Marvel.com and Activision's HeroHQ have the answer. It's called "Civil War Online" and you can play it at the "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" website. You choose a side—either pro or anti-registration—pick a team of four of your favorite heroes and then throw down in brutally merciless combat with the opposition.

Each hero has their different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities so choosing a good team is half the battle. From there, heroes race around blasting, kicking and smashing their enemies across a gameboard littered with powerups and exploding objects. Combat is turn-based with fast characters attacking first while the heavy hitters, a bit slower, pack a far more serious punch. It all comes down to superior strategy and once the dust settles, it's the last man standing that claims victory for their side.

If you enjoy thrashing opponents in "Civil War Online" be sure to check out "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" when it hits the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS and Wii game systems this fall. The game will feature over 20 Marvel heroes engaged in a violent civil war that pits friend against friend and you decide the victor. Fight with Iron Man in favor of registration or side with Cap to keep heroes free. Either way you'll have a blast. Visit Marvel.com for more screenshots, info, and updates in the coming months and get over to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance page to join in on the fight.

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      Now would be a great time to bring this game back online. Perfect for promotion towards the Civil War movie!


      any chance bringing back this game?
      it was so AWESOME!
      with the movie and the 2nd Civil War coming it wouldn't be a bad idea


      SO is this game ever coming back to play. It was REALLY awesome and id love to play it again