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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Showdown Spotlight: Gambit vs. Hayato

See how we size 'em up and then vote in our poll to pick who you think gets the KO!

One of the most celebrated fighting games in history returns for another round! Nine years after taking the arcade gaming scene by storm and over six years after making its original home console debut, "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes" will soon juggle-combo its way onto Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PS3's PSN!

In anticipation of the "MvC2"s next-gen debut, we're bringing you daily showdown spotlights pitting a Marvel character against a Capcom character. Each entry features official game artwork, character bios and polls to determine which universe really brings the heat.

Enjoy today's Gambit vs. Hayato spotlight, make sure to vote in the poll below, visit the official "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" site and come back tomorrow for our next throwdown, right here on Marvel.com!


Fighter Name: Gambit

Real Name: Remy LeBeau

Universe: Marvel, X-Men

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #266

Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "X-Men vs. Street Fighter," "Marvel vs. Capcom," "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"

Citizenship: USA

Brief Bio: Gambit likes: cards, stealing and women, probably in that order. When the Ragin' Cajun charges any object with kinetic energy, explosions ensue. Orphaned in New Orleans, he was taken in by the Thieves Guild and trained to be a master thief. The Guild tried to force him into an arranged marriage but Gambit, never one to be tied down, absconded and made himself a man of the world, relying on his lock-picking skills and charming personality to keep him alive. Then Remy met Mr. Sinister and everything went downhill. That is, until he joined the X-Men and met his beautiful teammate Rogue. Granted, the two have a relationship worthy of any day-time soap, but somehow they make it work. Even when the deck seems stacked against him, you can bet Gambit's got an ace up his sleeve.

Powers: Gambit's unique mutant ability allows him to charge objects with kinetic energy, turning them into ticking time bombs.

Special Moves: Kinetic Card, Trick Card, Cajun Strike, Cajun Slash, Cajun Escape, Royal Flush, Cajun Explosion

Quote: "Style means everything and you don't have any."


Fighter Name: Hayato

Real Name: Hayato Kanzaki

Universe: Capcom, Star Gladiators

First Appearance: "Star Gladiators"

Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"

Citizenship: Japan

Brief Bio: The main character of Capcom's first 3D fighter, the energy sword-wielding Hayato Kanzaki may not be one of Capcom's biggest stars, but he's definitely an all-star class fighter. In his native universe, he battles the evil, Nobel Prize winner/cyborg Dr. Bilstein in order to save the orphanage he grew up in—and the planet that it's on. Making the transition from 3D to 2D, Hayato has proven he's more ready to handle anything "MvC2" throws his way.

Powers: Hayato wields a plasma energy sword that can cut his enemies to pieces.

Special Moves: Shiden, Guren, Shirotora Hou, Plasma Series, Rasetsu Zan, Engetsu, Plasma Field, B. Hayato

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EXCELLENT MATCH. Here we've got two characters with diametrically opposed gameplay, yet they're equally powerful in their own respects.Gambit - The keyword is CROSSOVER. Gambit's wall-jumping attacks are GREAT for throwing opponents off balance. You basically can strike from in front or behind at will, or gamble by jumping wall-to-wall! His trick card takes a while to start, but it's great because it gets to its target instantly, plus it can be thrown up, forward, or in the air. His Cajun strike serves many functions. LP is a single strike that comes LIGHTNING fast; great for interrupting ANYTHING. HP hits three times, and can OTG. He also has a HP+LK version that hits three times. Lastly, his hypers are SWEET. Royal Flush EATS OPPONENTS, plus it's great for holding them in place for hyper-combo linking; Cajun Explosion is GREAT for anti-air and hard to predict because it can come from either side of the screen.NOW... Hayato. Not as fast as Gambit, BUT more powerful and with more range. His trump card is his plasma series, all of which are initiated by holding B+LP. Basically, once the first hit lands, the opponent is AT YOUR MERCY. There is NO ESCAPE. And the beautiful thing is, you can complete the combos, OR you can cancel the combos into HYPERS (a little known secret is that, if you finish certain plasma combos and kill on the final hit, they register as HYPERS!). He doesn't have any projectiles, but he does have a dashing slash that gets him across the screen fairly quickly. His anti-air (DP+P) is a great move with great priority. As far as his hyper moves, Hayato does fair chip and regular damage. But what makes him SPECIAL is his Plasma Field and his B.Hayato. Here's why: B.Hayato is basically Hayato's version of Akuma's Raging Demon; and like the Raging Demon, it takes three bars. Hayato's PLASMA field, however, gives you unlimited super bar for a period of time once it connects with the enemy. ...That means, you can activate B.Hayato and allllll the other Hyper Combos freely until that time period expires. Instantly making Hayato incredibly deadly.(exhale)So, who wins? It will be a good match to watch, but most likely, Gambit wins. Speed vs. strength makes for a good match, but for strength to win, speed would have to make errors. And a good Gambit player won't make many of those. Many of Hayato's moves, while effective, take a lot of patience to land. And Gambit's as good an escape artist as any in the game. That, plus the fact that Gambit has projectiles to rely on gives him a distinct advantage for most of the match. BUT, IF Hayato manages to land Plasma Field, a would-be easy match could turn brutal in no time....Did I mention Gambit doesn't take hits well at all while Hayato is pretty tough skinned?Gambit for the win, 7-out-of-10.


wow......THE closest battle yet.....talking a REAL battle, I have to go with Gambit.... long range, Gambit has got it, close range, it's a barn-burner!, but Gambit has got this one too.thought he wouldn't come out of it unscathed...Gambit wins this bout.


this one i had to think about. but i think gambit as fast and has stronger combos. :gambit: