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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Showdown Spotlight: Marrow vs. Morrigan

See how we size 'em up and then vote in our poll to pick who you think gets the KO!

One of the most celebrated fighting games in history returns for another round! Nine years after taking the arcade gaming scene by storm and over six years after making its original home console debut, "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes" will soon juggle-combo its way onto Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PS3's PSN!

In anticipation of the "MvC2"s next-gen debut, we're bringing you daily showdown spotlights pitting a Marvel character against a Capcom character. Each entry features official game artwork, character bios and polls to determine which universe really brings the heat.

Enjoy today's Marrow vs. Morrigan spotlight, make sure to vote in the poll below, visit the official "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" site and come back tomorrow for our next throwdown, right here on Marvel.com!

Fighter Name: Marrow
Real Name: Sarah
Universe: Marvel, X-Men
First Appearance: CABLE #15
Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"
Citizenship: USA
Brief Bio: The young Morlock named Sarah, more commonly known by her mutant moniker Marrow, lived the majority of her life in the New York City sewers. There in that subterranean labyrinth, she and the other Morlocks knew a sort of peace, away from the humans who hated and feared them for their grotesque appearances and horrifying powers. This was not to last. Impetuous and angry, Marrow grew tired of living in the sewers under the oppression of the "surface dwellers" and she formed a mutant terrorist cell known as Gene Nation. Continually defeated by the X-Men, Marrow was eventually taken in by the team, rehabilitated and even gained a measure of control over her mutant powers. She adventured with the X-Men for a time but left to work for Weapon X as an assassin and has seemingly returned to her violent, terrorist ways. Surface dwellers beware.
Powers: Marrow's mutant ability makes her bones super dense, allowing them to protrude through her skin without causing her harm. She can pull out the bones and use them like knives.
Special Moves: Bone-erang, Towering Spine, Ride and Slash, Ricochet Slash, Stinger Bones, Bone Buster

Fighter Name: Morrigan
Real Name: Morrigan Aensland
Universe: Capcom, Darkstalkers
First Appearance: "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors" (Arcade)
Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "Marvel vs. Capcom," "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"
Citizenship: The Makai
Brief Bio: Morrigan is the adopted daughter of Belial Aensland, the former ruler of the underworld. While she now sits on the throne of the Makai, a supernatural dimension filled with all sorts of demons and monsters, she finds her life in the castle dull, and often ventures into the human world to search out new forms of entertainment. An immensely powerful succubus, Morrigan spends as much time in the human world as possible, fighting other Darkstalkers, stealing dreams and taking power from all who would oppose her.
Powers: Morrigan can fire blasts of energy and transform parts of her body into weapons to attack her enemies.
Special Moves: Soul Fist, Shadow Blade, Vector Drain, Shell Kick, Vernier Dash, Soul Eraser, Darkness Illusion, Silhouette Blade
Quote: "Your soul is strong. May I borrow it... Forever?"


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morrigan is strong but the lilith are too strong than normal morrigan


Morrigan is a vampire and an extremely high end magic user. plus whatever that Soul Eraser lazer thing is. she flushes Marrow hard.


Marrow is the only Marvel loser. Ha ha!


Will this ever be made into a comic book series?


Wow, great matchup here! Marrow is the stronger character here in terms of speed and strength, but Morrigan brings many more weapons to the fight. Hmm...Marrow's Stinger Bones hits hard and fast at long range; so does Morrigan's Soul Eraser.Marrow's Bone Buster is a quick, damaging, and far-reaching anti-air; Morrigan's Darkness Illusion is slow on the get-up, but is an autocombo once it hits. Plus, she has Silhouette Blade in case Darkness Illusion isn't enough............I'm gonna give this fight to Morrigan, and this is why: Marrow's Bone-erang is one of the most inaccurate projectiles in the game, Towering Spine requires you to practically stand on top of it to get hit, and Ride and Slash--- while a great and unpredictable preservation move--- is EXCEPTIONALLY hard to land on many characters. Morrigan's greatest weakness is her slowness, but other than that, she doesn't leave much to complain about. And her air dash is one of the most fun in the game because, unlike many others, it changes direction if you travel vertically, bending and twisting.Morrigan for the win, 7-out-of-10.


Finaly capcom might actually win this vote