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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Showdown Spotlight: Jill Valentine vs. Storm

See how we size 'em up and then vote in our poll to pick who you think gets the KO!

One of the most celebrated fighting games in history returns for another round! Nine years after taking the arcade gaming scene by storm and over six years after making its original home console debut, "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes" will soon juggle-combo its way onto Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PS3's PSN!

In anticipation of the "MvC2"s next-gen debut, we're bringing you daily showdown spotlights pitting a Marvel character against a Capcom character. Each entry features official game artwork, character bios and polls to determine which universe really brings the heat.

Make sure to pick up "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" when it's released for X-Box Live Arcade on July 29 and PSN soon.

Enjoy today's Storm vs Jill spotlight, make sure to vote in the poll below, visit the official "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" site and come back on Monday for our next throwdown, right here on Marvel.com!

Oh, and we actually have a special treat for this showdown, the second episode of our "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" video featurettes and six screenshots! Enjoy!


Fighter Name: Jill
Real Name: Jill Valentine
Universe: Capcom, Resident Evil
First Appearance: "Resident Evil"
Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"
Citizenship: USA
Brief Bio: Jill Valentine was just an ordinary member of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) when she was sent into a mansion in Raccoon City to help with a supposed natural disaster that had occured there.  Little did she know that the mansion had been overrun by an army of zombified creatures and that her superior, Albert Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation were behind it all.  Hunted by feral, mutated dogs, zombies, flaming zombies and a whole host of creepy biological experiments Jill proved her mettle by staying alive.  She even managed to destroy Nemesis, a super soldier created by Umbrella that stalked her throughout the events of "Resident Evil 3."  Jill's been through a lot and there isn't anything she can't handle.
Powers: As a member of the S.T.A.R. tactical police squad Jill is highly trained with all types of firearms and explosive devices and after the events of "Resident Evil", Jill can call on the undead to help her out.  Though whether they're trying to help her or eat her is somewhat up in the air.
Special Moves: Elbow Tackle, Grenade Launcher, Baretta Counter, Zombie Call, Dog Call, Crow Call, Hyper Elbow Tackle, Rocket Launcher, Code: T-002

Fighter Name: Storm
Real Name: Ororo Munroe
Universe: Marvel, X-Men
First Appearance: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1
Marvel/Capcom Game Appearances: "X-Men: Children of the Atom," "X-Men vs. Street Fighter," "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"
Citizenship: USA/Wakanda
Brief Bio:  Orphaned after her parents were killed when a plane crashed into their home, the young Ororo was buried under her parents and tons of rubble.  This awakened a total phobia of enclosed spaces that still persists to this day.  But out on the open African plains, Ororo was anything but blocked in.  She was worshipped as a goddess and protected her tribe against danger, bringing them rain enough to farm and live happily. Later recruited by Charles Xavier to aid the original X-Team on Krakoa, Storm has since fought against evil alongside the X-Men and her husband T'Challa, the Black Panther.  Strong, assertive and one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel U., there's a reason she's a leader of the X-Men and a queen of one of the most advanced nations in the world.
Powers: Storm controls the weather.  While it may seem simple on paper, her mastery of the elements is so complex it boggles the mind.  She can make it rain and snow, form hurricane's and tornadoes, and call lightning from the heavens to smite her enemies
Special Moves: Whirlwind, Double Typhoon, Lightning Sphere, Lightning Attack, Flight, Lightning Storm, Hail Storm
Quote: "Never fight anyone who controls nature herself."

Jill kicking Storm
Jill firing her rocket launcher
Jill sends a zombie after Storm





Storm casts a mini tornado
Storm shocks Jill
Storm tornado kicks Jill






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      Jill dies screaming, seriously.


      Arright, let's DO IT!First of all, Storm is debatably the best character in the game. But it takes a skilled player to bring out the best in her. She can be lightning quick. She can perform several infinite combos (if you choose to play dirty). She has the ability to air-dash in eight directions, which also gives her the ability to triangular-jump. Her hypers are stylish and damaging; her specials combo easily and make great finishers.Her weaknesses? No defense. She's a sprite character who can't take a hit. Also, a few of her moves have such slow start-up that they're easily avoidable. Double typhoon, for instance, only works if you catch someone by surprise, perhaps by superjumping and hiding the bottom of the screen.Jill isn't as versatile as Storm BUT, like Guile, Charlie, and Captain America, she can brawl. She's got just the right combination of speed, endurance, and power to rumble with anybody on the game. She OTGs very well, which allows her to scrape people off the ground with her Hyper Elbow Tackle. She's also got the Baretta Counter to piss off anybody who goes on attack against her with an easy 10-hit counter attack. Lastly, when all else fails, she can act like Strider and just call reinforcements for days: Dogs, Birds, Zombies, Burning Zombies. It's cheap, but it lets her chip away at opponents all day.Weaknesses? Her Rocket Launcher is easy to see coming; it's not a beam, just some slow rockets. Her Code: T-002 is hard to connect. Annnnd... that's about it.If you were to ask me who the STRONGER character was, I would definitely say Jill; Jill is someone you can leave in the fight even when her health is low, and she has a good chance of winning through sheer blood and sweat. BUT, if you were to ask me who would win in a head-to-head match, it's Storm. A good Storm player would be too fast for a Jill player to handle, and if Jill gets caught in an infinite... she's done. I will say THIS however: a Storm player has a MUCH smaller margin of error than a Jill player. Storm has the skill set to beat Jill with persistence, but IF STORM MAKES A MISTAKE, the fight could go to Jill in the blink of an eye.Storm for the win, 7.5-out-of-10.


      Boo! What's with this wac-*** video? Why is Jill Valentine beating Storm thru, like, 75% of the video when Storm would wax the floor with her sorry ***?