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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Watch 3 New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Videos

Check out a new trailer and spotlights on Juggernaut and Penance!

You know that "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" comes out September 15, right? Surely you've marked it on your calendar and have some teams already chosen. We want to keep the momentum going, so we've got three new videos and two new screenshots, all of which debuted at last week's San Diego Comic-Con!

Watch them all below and stay glued to Marvel.com for all future "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" updates, news bits, images, videos and more!


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not dorky at all I would have liked the young avengers possibly you could get download packs each filled with characters on a team or interrelated somehow such as sets of arch enemies or partners hero/sidekick love interest etc... personally I was hopping Herc would make it despite being a tank because of his fight with Ragnarok (better known as Clor the clone Thor cyborg ) also hulk didn't come back till after civil war for world war hulk he came in the aftermath of the Intiative I would also have liked punisher as a playable and hawkeye/ronin and as a playable would have rather had sentry/void then thor since the thor in civil war was a murderous cyborg and thor came back after world war hulk has anyone noticed how many characters aren't returning Hawk Eye, Cyclops, Night Crawler ,Doctor Doom ,Magneto, and Sabre Tooth of the downloads only Hulk and Venom were kept, the console exclusives Colossus and Moon Knight gone, of the main cast no Blade,Ghost Rider,Dr. Strange ,Ms. Marvel,Nick Fury,Elektra,Iceman,Spider Woman,Black Panther and Silver Surfer also I thought maybe they would add character exclusive to the last only on p.s.p. and g.b.a., p.s.p. had Black Widow ,Captain Marvel, and Ronin . g.b.a. had Jean Grey, Namor, and Vision. Out of the core cast, only Captain America Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider Man, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch ,Thing,Invisible Woman,Thor ,Storm,Wolverine,and Dead Pool are returning so out of all the old characters core add one or console exclusive only 12 are returning that is roughly half I hope some come back in download packs every body is to busy paying attention to the ne people to notice the ones not being brought back,still the game looks awesome thart looks awesome the characters it does have look great and I already pre ordered a copy so I could get pre order exclusive Juggernaut after reading how he plays


am i the only one dorky enough to think the young avengers would be cool to play as or maybe the runaways? And the vision and hawkeye would be nice. (not to mention clint as ronin!!)


why the punisher is not in the game??? he is very important in civil war...i have a my dream team the punisher, nick fury, deadpool and blade or ghost rider...please excuse my inglis i am from to argentina


i hope theirs more charcters we still need hawkeye, ares, and hank pym. and where are the x men, cyclops, warpath? and will there be any downloadable add ons ? u could dodownloadable hero pacts like x force or dark reign or mighty avengers just be shure its for playstation 3 good stuff


Im looking forward to playing as a New Avengers or an ol' Osborn-run Thunderbolts team with Penance and Venom!