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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Double Feature: Venom & Nightcrawler

By Greg Draudt

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is expanding. Get the scoop on two new playable characters: Venom and Nightcrawler. Check out some new powers, achievements, costumes and more!


Role: Symbiotic Savage

Venom may come off like Spider-Man at first, but he's totally different; bigger, better, badder and way more twisted. He's got the web swigning action like Spider-Man, but adds his own Venomous flair. His attacks take advantage of teeth, claws and enough symbiotic tendrils to terrify your foes into a coma. Oh yeah, and he's got a horrifically long, creepy tongue.

Known Team: Villains

Xtreme Power: Symbiote Sludge

Venom sends off pieces of his symbiote all around the room seeking out victims. The doomed enemies are held in place while the symbiote does its work, leaving badly maimed and stunned foes in his wake. So gross, yet so cool--that's our Venom.

Achievements: Venom looks totally badass, but you may be surprised by what you find as you go through his skins. Unlock all of his costumes for the achievement and to sate your curiousity.


Role: Acrobat

Marvel's top teleporter, Nightcrawler is quite nimble. He may not be the strongest striker, but he takes acrobatics to a whole new level with Spider-Man-like speed (maybe even quicker) and a teleport ability that puts Deadpool's to shame. He's probably the fastest and most agile character in the game. Plus, he looks wickedly cool.

Known Team: X-Men

Xtreme Power: Roundup

Nightcrawler lets out a flurry of blows with this giant, crazy, teleportation attack. He BAMFs from enemy to enemy, stunning each one in turn and deliverying a whole heap of damage to boot.

Achievements: Unlock Nightcrawler's costumes, old and new, for another achievement and more gamer points. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

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