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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is Available Now

Go get your copy of the game and watch the launch trailer now!

"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" Xbox 360 box art

"Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" is here! Behold the launch trailer for the biggest, boldest and best all-encompassing Marvel Universe video game ever!

Pick up "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP or DS, watch the launch trailer now and follow along with Agent M's liveblog visit of the studio where MUA2 was made!

Here's an update on Agent M's visit to the studio (follow him on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Agent_M):

5:19PM- Passing through Tarrytown on the Amtrak. Almost back in the NYC. My copy of MUA2 is burning a hole in my bag, whispering to me.

2:47PM- On our way back to the train. Gonna write up more info for Marvel.com while we're heading back to NYC. #MUA2

2:27PM- Play session is over. ZOMG #MUA2 is wayyyyy fun. Now going outside to get the entire MUA2 team on video.

1:37PM- Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Game Director @Dan_Tanguay just joined us in our play session. #MUA2

1:21PM- Lunch is done! Playing more #MUA2 and interviewing the devs here at Vicarious Visions.

12:44PM- Lunchtime with the #MUA2 crew! Mmmmmmmmm

12:11PM- Starting a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 play session with @GMRJen and some of the #MUA2 devs.



At Vicarious Visions! This is Guha Bala, President of VV.





Spider-Man movie posters at Vicarious Visions!




11:30AM- The atmosphere here is electric and excited! People are pumped for MUA2 shipping today.

11:25AM- Cool displays of all the games they've worked on.

11:20AM- Enjoying ice cream sandwiches with Nehme and taking tour of the Vicarious Visions office.



We've arrived at Vicarious Visions HQ Gonna get our MUA2 on!






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feenicks007 member

Yeah I've turned it off a few times, and each time it turns back on.


You should be able to shut the Autospend off at the options menu. Good luck

feenicks007 member

I've enjoyed the game so far, except the "autospend" feature is always turned on, no matter how often I've turned it off. I can't delegate how my points are spent on my hero's, which annoys me.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Nintendo wii was terrible. Angry is all that can be said. I have loved Marvel for 30yrs. For 5yrs I liked Activision alot. This was insulting to Marvel fans, at least to me and many others apparently. The first one for PS2 was great really impressive. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure they meant well but Captain America looked bad as did the graphics on most. Plus as for as i can tell you can't change how they look on the wii version. Forgive me meaning no insult to any one but as a fan of Marvel somebody at Activision dropped the ball. Gambit and the Goblin were fun. I just wouldn't have put Captain America in something that resembled a Christmas tree rug that much. Please get some Marvel fans in on the next one. The first one had great looking characters.......I have put this out incase someone ends up in our situation( the friends and fans i know). The pics for PS3 and XBox look better. Like i said, No offense just liked the way the other characters were drawn changeable.


Got it on the 15th & i played it for days now game is very good besides no nova or cable playable .


Hi Everyone,It's out in England on the 25th September, 2009Can't wait to play it on the PS3. :dead: SpidermanGreen


I have the game for Ps2 and look forword to playing it


holy cow, absolutely awesome game...got it for the ps2. Got it tuesday night and it has been almost non-stop! characters and the villians facing them are so cool. Wish that spider woman was on the game as a playable character. I felt so bad that i had to beat her in the game! Go register today! haha


[quote@Archangel love the game so far. graphics on my PS3 (connected via hmdi) are incredible.can't wait to unlock Phoenix and declare my stance on registration! =P[/quote] Awesome to hear that, I'm going to be using a PS3 and HDMI too!


love the game so far. graphics on my PS3 (connected via hmdi) are incredible.can't wait to unlock Phoenix and declare my stance on registration! =P