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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Double Feature: Dr. Doom & Hawkeye



By Ryan Penagos

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is expanding. Get the scoop on two new playable characters: Dr. Doom and Hawkeye. Check out some new powers, achievements, costumes and more!

Dr. Doom

Role: Super-Strong Caster

Need someone to drop lots of damage on uncouth fools? Look no further than V.V.D. Take one part long-range master, one part mad scientist, one part nigh-unstoppable powerhouse and mix in a bit of metal armor-fueled madness to create this hardcore superstar.

Known Team: Villains

Xtreme Power: Doom Bots

Dr. Doom's no slouch, but when it comes time to really let loose, the Latverian dictator sits back, relaxes and summons a small army of maniacal mechs to do wipe out his enemies. Hit Doom's X-Treme power and watch the lasers fly. And once the dust settles, they'll show off their ill dancing skills*.

Achievements: Doom cares not for fashion, but you'll want to get all of his costumes in order to snag the achievement points. And while we can't unveil any others, some points may be had by getting Doom deeply involved in the game's storyline.


Role: Long Range Attacker

From the outset, Clint Barton's primed to launch arrows down the gullets of all who stand in his way. And the more he levels up, the crazier he gets. Attack more enemies at once, kick out some area damage and cut through defenses with ease. And a bit of attitude. This is Hawkeye, of course.

Known Team: Avengers

Xtreme Power: Ricochet Rocket

The Marvel U.'s No. 1 archer unleashes a torrent of arrows when pushed to the limit. His arrows richochet off enemies, chaining together and exploding for massive damage. Don't mess with guys in purple boots.

Achievements: Unlock all of Hawkeye's costumes to get those sweet, sweet points. And really, Ultimate Hawkeye looks so cool, you just have to own that outfit.

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*Sadly, the Doom Bots do not dance.

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