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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Marvel Super Hero Squad Video Game Developer Diary #1: Adventure Mode

Watch a video clip and check out Game Designer Phil Anderson's developer diary about what's in store for SHS's Adventure Mode

Box art for "Marvel Super Hero Squad" for the Nintendo Wii
"Marvel Super Hero Squad" is an Adventure-Brawler title coming this year to the Wii, developed by Australia-based Blue Tongue Entertainment, and will be published by THQ.

In this diary entry, we've asked the "Marvel Super Hero Squad" Game Designer, Phil Anderson to talk us through the Adventure Mode.

Marvel.com: So Phil, what's the story of "Marvel Super Hero Squad" and what connection does the game have to the animated TV series?

Phil Anderson:  The animated series revolves around the race to collect powerful objects called Infinity Fractals. The Super Hero Squad (the good guys, led by Iron Man) locks horns with the sinister Lethal Legion (led by the evil Doctor DOom).

You can think of the game's adventure as a "lost episode" of the animated TV series. At the start of the story, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers a highly-unstable Infinity Fractal in the desert just outside Super Hero City. When the Super Hero Squad and the Lethal Legion battle to retrieve it, it shatters into lots of smaller (but still dangerous) Fractal Shards. The Squad must split up to retrieve them all before Doctor Doom and the Lethal Legion can use the power of the cosmic fragments to take over... everything!

Each of the "middle" chapters of the story showcases one of the core members of the Super Hero Squad—Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Thor and Falcon—n their own mini-adventure. Then they all come together again for the big finale!

Marvel.com: What kind of locations are players going to be able to visit in the game?

Phil Anderson:  We visit locations from all across the Marvel Universe—places like the Savage Land, the Negative Zone, Subterranea, Asteroid M and Asgard—as well as settings from the "Super Hero Squad Show," such as Super Hero City and Villainville. These locations are not only featured in the game's story, but also take centre-stage as arenas in the game's 4-player Battle Mode.

Marvel.com: Which friends or foes are we going to see in the Adventure Mode?

Phil Anderson:  Well, on the friend side, there's the six core members of the Super Hero Squad I mentioned earlier, as well as fan favorites like Captain America, Storm, Ms. Marvel and the Thing. The bad-guy bench includes Doctor Doom, Magneto and Juggernaut, among others. A number of additional characters give cameo appearances throughout, helping to provide a little something for everyone.

Marvel.com: What kind of game play elements can players expect from the Adventure Mode?

Phil Anderson:  There's good old-fashioned brawling (with hordes of minions, or with super villains, or both); some exploration and simple puzzle-solving; interactive cut-scene moments; and full-powered hero vs. villain arena battles.


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Another House of Ideas game I have to purchase...Keep up the good work Marvel!

turbotj member

I just caught the first two episodes yesterday and I thought it was great. Finally a way for me to see all my favorite characters having it out in a way that seems like it's right out of the comics.(kiddy as it may be) YOU better not leave any characters out and include the entire Marvel Comics universe in this series!:dead: I expect to see every single character used before the series ends. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, Keep going no matter what. This could be a really good series as long as you keep it funny and include everyone.Thanks


I am really happy how marvel is doing this. It gives me something to share with my kids and a way for them to appriciate the characters at such a young age. Saw the cartoon and loved it.