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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Double Feature: Cyclops & Magneto

By Greg Draudt

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is expanding. Get the scoop on two new playable characters: Cyclops and Magneto. Check out some new powers, achievements, costumes and more!


Role: Leader/Ranged

Cyclops is cocky and headstrong, but he has every right to be. Arguably the most well-rounded character out of the downloadable bunch, Cyke fills multiple roles. He's a natural born leader with excellent team buffs, but he really shines with ranged attacks. Blast away with his various optic beams and take down bosses in no time. That said, Cyclops has always been a lead-from-the-front kind of guy, so don't be afraid to get in there and get his hands dirty with some good old-fashioned fisticuffs and spiffy kick combos created specifically for this founding member of the X-Men.

Known Team: X-Men

Xtreme Power: Optic Incineration

Deciding that the visor just isn't cutting it anymore, Cyclops rips off his ruby red goggles and pretty much blows up the entire room with a mega-huge blast of big, red, optic destruction.

Achievements: Cyclops has sported a host of costumes with matching eye-wear through the years. Snag them all for an achievement. Also, you may be able to rack up some more points by making conversation with someone close to Scott Summers. But we're not saying who.


Role: Control

What could be more fun then picking up boxes with your magnetic abilities and hurling them at your foes? How about picking up your foes and hurling them at boxes instead. The Master of Magnetism doesn't need to fight when he can just make foes fight themselves. Pick up objects and foes and chuck them around the environment, imposing your will as you see fit. He may not do the hardcore damage as some other characters, but like Dr. Strange, his attacks look really cool and are hella fun to use.

Known Team: Villains

Xtreme Power: Metallic Mayhem

Bystanders better duck for cover when Magneto begins summoning all the metal from the environment towards him. With this move, Magneto unleashes a barrage of metal shrapnel outwards for a giant radial attack dealing vicious damage to all foes that are unlucky enough to fall in its path.

Achievements: Magneto's return to action from his stint in X-Men Legends affords the purple and red warrior a bit of a facelift. Nab all his costumes to boost your Gamerscore. Looking for more? See what happens when you inject Mags into MUA's story and chat up some of his obvious connections.

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