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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Marvel Super Hero Squad Video Game Developer Diary #4: Interactive Cutscenes

Watch a video clip and check out this developer diary about the Interactive Cut Scenes.

Box art for "Marvel Super Hero Squad" for the Nintendo Wii
Marvel Super Hero Squad is an Adventure-Brawler title coming this year to the Wii. The game is based on the popular Marvel Super Hero Squad toy series and will be accompanied by an upcoming new animated TV series of the same title. Marvel Super Hero Squad is developed by Australia-based Blue Tongue Entertainment, and will be published by THQ.

In this diary entry, Game Designer Phil Anderson and Lead Artist Julian Lamont chat about the Interactive Cut Scenes

 Q: In the Adventure Mode, there are several levels that feature interactive cut scene game play. Can you explain what these are and what the player does in them?

PA:  Interactive cut scenes allow us to bring some grand moments to the adventure. We can have the players do things that the normal game play format would make very difficult, such as Wolverine running up the leg of a Sentinel and giving it a six-clawed reprogramming, or Thor rescuing an aircraft from the heart of a storm.

Depending on the scene or the action, players shake their Wii Remote or tap buttons in reaction to prompts to trigger the next part of the scene. What we've tried to do with many of our cut scenes is to give players some fun moments even if they fail some of the tests.

Q: Can you walk us through the process of getting one of these interactive cut scenes into the game?

JL: As Phil mentioned, the Interactive Cut Scenes were a fantastic opportunity to do everything you want with the Super Heroes' unique powers.  We have Thor flying through the eye of a storm and Falcon in an aerial battle with AIM fighter jets, which create some memorable moments that punctuate some key story elements.  

To bring these together we worked through the story to see what were some of the exciting Hero Up! moments. We then worked to incorporate them into the game in order to bring the player as close to the action as possible.  We also made a real effort for these to be as unique from each other as possible so the player appreciates the abilities of every member of the Super Hero Squad.

Stay glued to Marvel.com over the next month as we spotlight all the characters in the game, present some developer diaries from Blue Tongue (the team creating the game) and much more! And don't forget to get your copy of "Marvel Super Hero Squad" on October 20 for Wii, PS2, PSP and DS.


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