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Spider-Man 3: The Game

Spider-Man 3: The Game - New Video and Exclusive Screenshots

By Ryan Penagos

You can hear the drums in the distance. They're getting closer as May 4 draws near. Soon, Spider-Man 3 will arrive and make its mark as not only one of the greatest movies ever, but also a video game experience for the ages!

In Spider-Man 3: The Game, you wield the power of Spider-Man in his black costume, battling a horde of devious foes including the Lizard, Venom and Sandman. Take to the streets of New York City in a gigantic, dynamic, free-roaming environment.

With non-linear gameplay that allows you to explore multiple movie-based and original storylines packed with numerous city missions, it's a monumental step forward from an already prestigious line of games.

Enhancing the completely revamped combat abilities, expanded aerial fighting techniques, finishing movies and intricate webbing maneuvers are a host of performance rewards that include speed, combat and agility tweaks.

Whether you're coming in as a veteran Spider-Man gamer or with a fresh perspective, Spider-Man 3: The Game will not disappoint.

Now, bare witness to the darkness inside Spider-Man! Watch the Web-Slinger battle Sandman and Venom and unleash the fury of his superhuman rage in this Intoxicating trailer.


Activision invites you to join Spidey's web, the Spider-Man 3 The Game community, as well as a chance to win an Activision game package and a game console of your choice! Spidey's web is a great source of exclusive info on the game, videos, screenshots, insider blogs, developer chats and a chance to win even more prizes! To join, visit web.sm3thegame.com/newwebslingers.

Check out the official Marvel.com Spider-Man 3 Video Game Hub for more videos and screenshots. And check out the recent flood of Spider-Man 3 content:

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"New Goblin" trailer

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