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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Character Spotlight: Psylocke

Get ready for the mutant telepath/ninja warrior Psylocke to kick much butt in MUA2!

As if you needed another reason to pick up your controllers and jam on some "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" again, a slew of new characters and sim missions are on their way to Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers. We'll have weekly spotlights on each new character with screenshots, video and quotes from the folks behind the games, and today Psylocke is our star!

Alex Kerr, Community Manager for Vicarious Visions, on Psylocke:


Psylocke and Human Torch in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" 2
"For Psylocke we wanted play up her martial arts background while still keeping her unique powers in the limelight.  This approach really paid off well: in-game she's got a feeling of smooth, clean lethality.  Psylocke's an extremely graceful character, but also extremely dangerous, and you can see that within seconds of bringing her into the game.

"One of the things that makes Psylocke so intriguing is that she fights with weapons constructed out of psi-energy. Getting this right was very important to us, and we made sure to incorporate her iconic blades into her most basic attacks, so you'd be seeing them all the time."

Randy Ma, Intern, Marvel Games:

Psylocke in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2"
"The fan-favorite Marvel ninja babe is kind of a no-brainer to have as character DLC. The PS2 and Wii versions of 'MUA2'  already have Psylocke, but you really don't appreciate the character until you see her in high definition. All of the staples of Psylocke's powers are here, from her psi-bolts to her butterfly kick. It is also great to see her psi-blades integrated into her melee attacks with fluidity in every strike. For fans of'Marvel vs Capcom 2,' her telekinetic-katana lunge definitely is an homage to the psi-drill, and looks just as devastating.

"Playing as Psylocke in the office also prompted me to go over the heroine's history-I had forgotten how completely insane and complicated the history of Betsy Braddock is! But it's great to have Psylocke back in the Ultimate Alliance series, as well as to have more girls on the roster of heroes to play. And it's always great to have another character with mind powers to give Jean Grey a run for her money."


And we have a bonus for you! Along with new playable characters, the upcoming "MUA2" DLC will feature new Simulation Missions! Here's a little 411, straight from the Sim Mission source!

Mark Webster, Scenario Designer at Vicarious Visions, on two of the new simulation missions:

 Insidious Alliance:

Psylocke and Captain America in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2"
"In 'MUA2,' heroes area always partnering up and overcoming truly super-villains that would defeat any number of the heroes, one on one in a fair fight. In 'Insidious Alliance' we allow the player to test their skills against some of the game's toughest bosses in arena-style matches. Mix in some lasers, missiles and a surprise finale, and you have the makings of a very entertaining Sim Mission. Even after you've made it all the way through, we have an achievement for the hardest of the hardcore: doing it without utilizing health containers. We call it 'Walk it Off.'"


"Many of us on the  'MUA2' team are fans of the old school  X-Men/Avengers 2.5d arcade "brawlers," and we have always wanted to capture that fun within the Ultimate Alliance universe. 'Balance' provided us with that opportunity. We set out to create an homage to those great classics, combining their frantic co-op traversal based gameplay with a liberal application of the super-heroic combat and destructible objects that make 'MUA2' so much fun to play."

Look for more "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" DLC news in the coming weeks!


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      Psylocke? Come on guys, really? you should be able to play as War Machine. now that would be cool!


      [quote@MercWithaMouth713 There are seriously people who would pay 10 dollars to play as Psylocke? I guess you learn something new every day[/quote] it's $10 for psylocke, cable, magneto, carnage, and black panther but still a rip off at 2 bucks a character


      There are seriously people who would pay 10 dollars to play as Psylocke? I guess you learn something new every day