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how could be they can canceled this awesome show, they're really don't know how excited are us to watch this show, and how awesome the story and the character is, this is the best animated tv show of avengers then the others, it's so much fun and big line story from this show, why that they can't just continued this show until season 3-4 without changed a series for avengers with the AA, that's not what we want to it, we want a consistent for this show and stop the marvel avengers assemble, that's show is just not the best animated action show that we want, there's a different between Avengers EMH and Avengers Assamble ,TAEMH has been show a great action animated with a story line about real avengers in that series, they're not stuffy in some an fight action way in AA has been showing every fight with the weakest villain likes dr doom, skull, modok, atuma, hyperion every show, it's sck, marvel avengers assamble has an low rate in that show, but in TAEMH has an high rate for that, especially if you guys want to continued that show and changed your mine to showing again AA series, that's gonna be awesome that marvel gonna do to their fans, it's that all what we want it!!!! BRING BACK THE AVENGERS : EARTH MIGHTIEST HEROES, PLEASE!!!!

you know what we want, but you just closed your eyes and your ears from us, why you guys don't cheer we up with the best news not sad news that TA:EMH changed to creepy AA.

we loved TA:EMH not an AA, that has been a long time that I know from everyone, they hate an AA!


beloved marvel I'm a fan of the strongest heroes avengers earth and I think I speak for all the others that do not cancel the show because I think it would be a success the third season and would win much I write this because I am inspired this series in my life but the captain America that was never ever pays even know eque ba die was never surrendered and for me that is an inspiration, but what matters is not canceled the series with one that I think is like the name of this for me is one of the best series I've seen and I've seen breking bad, the walking dead etc in order reconcideren please read this if not to remove the Avengers series and make third season thanks