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For such a good piece of work this gets very little attention. I've been following anime for a few years now and no this isn't top of the line but I think the creators did well considering the hurtles they had to climb over. I feel the creators were held back by the idea of trying to hit so many very different demographics. On one hand they want to hit the western area of America, but America isn't accustomed to they anime style so in order to hit this demographic the have to sorta down play some of the finer parts of anime. On another hand they want to hit the demographic that already likes anime, but because it's been down played and some what westernized, its anime integrity is dulled and could even seem offensive, childish, or poor due to the lack of stepping out of the American pg13 box, or some of it's comic book style fights that aren't as elaborate as some of the better animes. This attempt to blend comic and anime is not completely successful but isn't a total fail either, there are a lot of good things in this anime. The music was great, The fights had their moments, it's packed with western comic nostalgia, the whole thing is very interesting and the animation at times can be just down right beautiful. I hope that they keep making things like this in the future and keep improving it. As a guy who loves his classic batman and wolverine and has a deep and growing appreciation for anime such as Durarara and attack on titan, I really love seeing something like this, I love the possibilities for what it could become and what it could do for anime in the American culture