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Marvel Universe 

"Speedball Revenge Squad"


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Springdale, Connecticut in Dr. Benson’s basement

First Appearance
New Warriors #66 (1995)

Current Members:

Although not officially named, and not assembled for the sole purpose of taking revenge on Speedball, the "Speedball Revenge Squad" was hired by the self-proclaimed greatest mastermind of Springdale, Rebound, to find the kinetically powered cat, Niels. After a jail break, freeing all of Speedball's former enemies, the elusive Niels was captured when the Harlequin Hit Man used a bullet to ricochet the bouncing cat into the sticky costume of the Sticker. An alternate version of Speedball, Darrion Grobe, who had the same appearance of Robbie Baldwin and all his memories, went to visit Robbie's old employer, Dr. Benson, but found all of Robbie’s former foes instead. Darrion followed the team inside and made quick work of Basher and the Bug-Eyed Voice followed by the Harlequin Hit Man and the Two-Legged Rat. Bonehead took care of the Ghost of Springdale High by accidentally knocking him out, and Speedball finished off Bonehead and Leaper Logan. Unluckily, as Darrion was chasing down the Sticker, he was ambushed by Dr. Benson's old lab assistant, Clyde – now calling himself Rebound. During Rebound's experiment to take Niels and Speedball’s kinetic powers for himself, he told Speedball that he was behind all of the super criminals in Springdale, and how he hoped the massive jailbreak freeing all of Speedball's enemies would draw the hero out in the open. However, a kinetically charged hairball – spit up by Niels – destroyed Clyde's equipment and left his scheme in ruins. Clyde and his henchmen were carted off to jail.

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