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Marvel Universe 

Academy of Tomorrow (Ultimate)



Base of Operations

First Appearance
Ultimate X-Men #44 (as New Mutants)

Current Members:

The Academy of Tomorrow is led by Emma Frost. Frost was once a student of Charles Xavier but left his school before he recruited the X-Men because she disagreed with his idea of training mutants to be a vigilante police force. Afterwards, Frost taught at a school district for mutants. There she met the governor of the state who supported her work and introduced her to the President's chief of staff. Frost met with the President about the formation of a group of non-X-Men mutant spokesmen to be called the New Mutants. In their first public appearance, the New Mutants were attacked by Sentinels and did not get to do much due to the intervention of the X-Men. Because of this abortive start of the New Mutants team, Frost cut all ties with the government and renamed her school "The Academy of Tomorrow". This Academy accepts any talented students, regardless of genetic status, to train them to use their special powers for the good of humanity.

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