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Marvel Universe 

Amulet of Power


Marvel Universe




After his daughter was sacrificed to appease his god, Kronnitt, Desak was approached by the Spirit of the Jewel, who presented him with the Amulet of Power. Accepting the gem, his body was transformed to have a stone-like appearance with power equal to the gods; the enchantment within the jewel allowed him to absorb and redirect energies used against him back at the source, and the ability to imprison the souls of the gods he eliminated, adding their power to his own. When Desak was killed by the mighty Thor, the Spirit took both the amulet and Desak's body to a place where he could heal. In one possible future Desak recovered and attacked Thor on Asgard where he was killed a second time; however, Thor traveled to the past to ensure this future was prevented.

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