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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Princess Anelle


Publicly Known

Citizen of the Skrull homeworld

Place of Birth
Skrull homeworld

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #37

Princess Anelle was the daughter of the Skrull King and in love with his most ambitious warlord, Morrat. She was on his space yacht when, after watching with horror as he showed off for her by hunting defenseless game, Morrat’s men brought the powerless Fantastic Four to be held as prisoners. While she was repulsed by the cruelty he showed by killing the Invisible Girl and Human Torch’s father, Franklin Storm, she was drawn to him, though her father didn’t trust him. So that once he had the Fantastic Four within his grasp, she made him promise that he would take them to her father immediately and present them as prisoners to him.

Later, during a discussion with her father, she mentioned the prisoners out of curiosity, but he was still unaware of their capture and flew into a rage when he realized he had been tricked. The King knew that Morrat wanted his throne and would deceive him to try and overthrow him. So, together with Princess Anelle, they tracked down Morrat and found him fighting with the newly repowered Fantastic Four. Morrat tried to ingratiate himself by pretending he had brought them for the King, but the King was not fooled, and he stripped Morrat of his rank and ordered his men to kill him. Anelle tried to throw herself in front of their blazing laser rifles in order to save the man she loved, but the Invisible Girl put a force field around her, saving her. Morrat was not so lucky and was cut down by her father’s troops.

With the traitor dead, the Fantastic Four’s vengeance was satisfied and they returned to their home planet with her father’s reluctant blessing. But Anelle’s love was lost, and all she could do was weep.

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