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Marvel Universe 

Apocalypse: The Twelve


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Apocalypse,Cyclops, X-Men, X-Man, Bishop, Magneto, Mikhail Rasputin, Living Monolith, the Twelve, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Skrulls

In an attempt to gain godhood, Apocalypse gathers twelve powerful mutants, called the Twelve. He planned to take their powers and transfer them to himself. His body was not powerful enough, so Apocalypse decided that Nate Grey, the X-Man, would make a suitable host. The fabled Twelve that were gathered included; Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Cable for the power of family, Storm, Iceman, and Sunfire for the power of the elements, Polaris and Magneto for the power of the magnetic poles, Xavier for the power of the mind, Mikhail Rasputin and Bishop for the power of time and space, and finally the Living Monolith to funnel all the power to Nate Grey's body.

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