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Marvel Universe 

Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Abdul Qamar



Saudi Arabia

Place of Birth
Aqabah, Saudi Arabia

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #250 (1980)

During the thirteenth century, Abdul Qamar's desert nomad ancestor was chosen by Eastern magicians to fight Gog and Magog, demons summoned by Egyptian sorcerer Nephut-Sha circa 1211 B.C. After a prolonged battle, the nomad sealed the demons within a mountain tomb, losing his magical weapons there.

In modern times, Qamar, while guiding archaeologist Hassan Kareem to the tomb, met the stranded Dr. Bruce Banner. Qamar and his family restored Banner's health, but Kareem, an anti-Israel fanatic, unleashed the demons. While Banner fought the demons as the Hulk, Qamar discovered his ancestor's weapons and joined the battle as the Arabian Knight, ultimately burying Gog and Magog in the tomb's rubble. When Qamar began fighting crime throughout the Middle East, crimelord Sheik Abdul Hurani had the Water Wizard pit animated crude oil warriors against Qamar. However, Water Wizard's nemesis, the Ghost Rider (John Blaze), followed Hurani, and helped Qamar defeat both the Wizard and Hurani's organization.

Later, Qamar and many other superheroes were forced to participate in a contest of champions waged by the cosmic Grandmaster against Death itself. As pawns of Death, Qamar, Iron Man (Tony Stark), and the Israeli heroine Sabra were pitted against She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), and Defensor. Though Qamar and Sabra disliked each other, he nonetheless aided her during combat, ultimately winning the match when he seized the prize while other players were defeated or distracted. Earth's heroes were freed at the game's conclusion. Months later, Qamar joined heroes across the world in repelling an all-out invasion by the extraterrestrial Dire Wraiths.

Qamar used his magical weapons sparingly thereafter, devoting more time to his family and business. However, when a demon beset his village, he fought past a messenger from the Desert Gods, the supposed creators of his implements, to rescue his newborn son from possession and drive the demon away. Qamar became an operative of the mysterious Pantheon and infiltrated the mercenary Desert Sword, fighting U.S. operatives Freedom Force. Soon afterward, he encountered the mutated U.S. soldier Sandstorm, who abandoned his anti-Arab crusade after Qamar defeated him and protected him from hostile locals. However, Qamar clashed with his superior Achilles over Pantheon non-intervention in Eastern Europe, possibly leaving the organization.

When vastly powerful mutant Humus Sapien fought the Redeemers, he inadvertently drained the life-force of 2400 people worldwide, including Qamar, who fell to his apparent death.

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