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Marvel Universe 

Ark of Bezalel


Marvel Universe

Last seen in a maximum security prison in Texas

Unrevealed, possibly a being named Bezalel

Presumably Zadkiel

Shortly after Ghost Rider (John Blaze) broke into a maximum security penitentiary to question some of the inmates about the rogue angel, Zadkiel, a prison guard who somehow came into custody of the Ark of Bezalel, released the jail's most dangerous convict, the Deacon. He opened the Ark and told the Deacon to reach inside, and the Lord would provide whatever was needed. The Deacon pulled out the Elixir of the Rock of Etam, a potion that can give someone the strength of the Biblical Samson with just a sip, and then two golden daggers capable of injuring one as powerful as Ghost Rider.

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