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Marvel Universe 

Assassin revealed

Commander Maria Hill and Iron Man (Anthony Stark) returned with She-Hulk to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to continue looking into possible suspects who could have shot and killed the Abomination. It was there Hill showed her colleagues a replica of the gun - apparently stolen from the installation. No one could guess how it was smuggled out from under everyone's notice. The debate didn't go on for long because of an intruder on board. A Red Hulk snatched the She-Hulk through a wall and beat her within seconds of her abduction. During their battle the Red Hulk threatened he could kill her any time he wanted, and She-Hulk believed him. He choked her out and deposited her back in the room where he initially grabbed her. Then it was Iron Man's turn. He immediately went in search of the monster only to discover Samson had gone missing, Ross was injured, and he would be no match for the Red Hulk either. The behemoth damaged Iron Man's armor and completely wrecked the Helicarrier, and if it wasn't for a speedy recovery by the She-Hulk, Tony Stark would have fallen to his death as well.

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After the Helicarrier crashed, General Ross, Agent Clay Quartermain, and Samson were all not accounted for. Footage of a meeting between, Ross and Bruce Banner at Gamma Base had been discovered and reviewed, and Stark was left with more questions as he watched Banner whisper incoherent mumblings to Ross. Iron Man and Maria Hill found the remains of Clay Quartermain, and a jacket belonging to Samson nearby, saturated with gamma radiation, making him their first suspect as to the Red Hulk's true identity.

Later, Banner discovered the Red Hulk previously killed a Wendigo belonging to a larger group. The enraged Wendigo pack traveled to Las Vegas where the Hulk had to team up with Sentry, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and even Doctor Voodoo to stop them from devouring everyone inside a casino.