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Marvel Universe 




Marvel Universe

First Appearance
annihilation: Super Skrull#2 (2006)

Home World

Technology Level
Ataraxians are a technological race, they have mastered a stellar containment technology. This enables them to power themselves and their entire society. Each citizen is powered by an internal fusion core.


Physical Description
Ataraxians have metallic bodies, shaped into humanoid form complete with two eyes, nose, mouth, arms and legs.

The Ataraxians’ homeworld of Ataraxia lies within the Negative Zone’s Helicon Cluster was one of perfect architecture and beauty. It was a race of complex living machines that aspired to exist in complete harmony with every living creature. They also mastered stellar containment technology which enabled them to power themselves and their society. Sadly, their peaceful ways left them defenseless when the Annihilation Wave reached their planet and deemed the Ataraxians an extreme threat to Annihilus’ reign; their world was devastated and their people slaughtered. Praxagora is believed to be the last of her kind was taken captive, a memento of genocide, and delivered to UX-73 prison planetoid to be interrogated, tortured and experimented on by sadistic scientist Lord Hawal.

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